What's new this month at MMC?


Dec 10, 2012
We have lots of new things to do and improvements to general game play. I won't highlight everything in this post as a lot is still a work in progress, but this should at least help with some of the new stuff that you can use right now.

1. Mine entire veins in one shot! Simply crouch/sneak (shift) while mining a vein, and like tree feller, it will collapse the entire thing!
2. You've probably seen those bags of gold, hang on to them as they will be valuable in the future!
3. WorldGuard (not new) but a refresher for those who wish to protect their houses from grievers!
- short video of mine from years ago about basic usage and protection, its much more complex if needed
4. Chest protection, simply place a sign on your chest and it should add two lines of text, [private] and your name. I will establish groups later to further enhance what we can do with this plugin.
5. Money for voting! /vote in game, click on each of the blocks at the top to get the URL which is clickable in game.
6. Killing mobs has a chance to drop loot, money, and even heads!

I think thats a good start, I'm likely forgetting a ton. Keep an eye in game as I'll be adding new boards around spawn for rules/directions/etc.