We're officially on new hardware!


Dec 10, 2012
We completed our move to the new server this morning. I'm honestly surprised how well the previous one did as it was just a little VPS. We're now no longer limited by things like memory, diskspace, etc.

I've already gotten the proxy setup, running (transparent to you all), this allows us to do unlimited things in the future!

I plan on finishing the donation shop today and have it live tonight or tomorrow. I'm still working out a few things, but some of the planned perks would include but not limited to:
1. Pets (a large variety of pets, some can be mounted, some can be worn as a hat)
2. Increased Regions! As it stands now, VIP can claim up to 3 regions, but these numbers go up to 25 (at this time).

And a whole lot more. As always, the goal is to keep game balance and I in no way will ever have a "pay-to-win" model!

Also worth mentioning, the map has DOUBLED in size, its currently 8k, but may push more. DynMap is currently re-rendering and should be done some time tonight or perhaps tomorrow. It was not working out compressing the folder as its literally 10's of thousands of files and that can take eons!

If you spot any issues, let me know.
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