The Mountain Town of Mindor Heights


Dec 13, 2012
Up North, about 1 km North of Northpass, lies Mindor Heights, or just Mindor. Mindor is currently a small town I own that’s settled on the peak of a mountain near the border of the world’s arctic. Expansion to other mountain peaks is planned, but due to lack of members, it will have to be put to a halt. The town is currently under construction as well, and the main wall surrounded the town is yet to be finished.

Current ranks are only the Mayor (me) and assistants (my friend Durbey11), as there are still tasks to be completed for the town, assistance from members is appreciated, especially for the finishing of the wall.

Southeast of the town may be considered the town hall. It is where I live, along with a couple others. The large house-castle hybrid is known as the Mindor Manor. In the future, shops will be placed in rooms for players to go and buy and or sell whatever is provided.

Under most if not all operations involving the town, I have the final say, however. I take opinions from town residents into account in my decisions and try to do what is most beneficial. If one has something they need to tell me regarding the town, they can either leave a written book in my mailbox (located next to the Mindor Manor’s front door), /mail me, or they can wait until I come online. Messages can include but are not limited to

-Requests for town assistant

-Ideas for the town

-General questions of what they can and cannot do in the town

When buying a plot, you have the choice of buying either a plot with a prebuilt building for your convenience, along with an armor stand with iron armor for 300 coins, or empty plots with an armor stand with iron armor, and a chest with supplies for 150 coins. Both plots will be filled with grass. There are also opportunities to get completely empty plots for 75 coins before I add either a house or supplies.

I am rather lenient on accepting members into the town, however. There is info I would appreciate knowing beforehand

-Your age

-Time spent on the MyMinecraft server

-How long you’ve had Minecraft

-Experience in Minecraft (building, redstone, etc.)

-If you want to assist the town, explain why you should help. I would prefer you have building experience and show me anything that you have made in Minecraft, whether it’s on the server, in single player (send a screenshot) or on another server. I will then decide on whether or not to let you assist the town.


General Town

Mindor Manor

Town Exterior

Pathway to Mindor

Map to Mindor:

Coordinates of Mindor are: 1832 / 190 / -3575


Town Designer
Dec 12, 2012
Nice job so far! I've been there using the nether tunnels. The location on the huge mountain is epic!