The Coalition


Town Designer
Dec 12, 2012
Dear Xoloz of Castle Eisenwulf

By this writing the Mountain City of Armàrath means to inform the world of our diplomatic stance in the world. Armàrath hereby proudly informs the world of their requested allegiance to the mighty Xoloz of Castle Eisenwulf. We cannot more than hope and pray for the mighty Xoloz to accept our allegiance, so we might ride our horses into battle abreast if ever it comes to war.

In these perilous times we feel this allegiance must be sealed as soon as time allows. As I, the Grand Architect of Armàrath have spoken to the great leader of The Grand Principality of Sealand, another of Castle Eisenwulfs alliances, feel the need to have a meeting raised of all allianced cities. Together we will be known as The Coalition.

The Coalition shall prevail!!!

-Ynef, Grand Architect of Armàrath


He's the Shane, man.
Dec 16, 2012
Upstate New York, United States
Shieet, you in for some shit Ozzy, I don't know if you knew, but we're kinda a big deal, and the Confederacy of United Naval Territories will prevail over all!

even if it's only me