Starter Guide


Dec 24, 2012
Starter guide
This is a quick starting guide for new players where they can find lots of basic information!

  • 1) Your first day
  • 2) Towns
  • 3) Economy
  • 4) Fast Travel
  • 5) Useful Commands
1. Your first day!
First of all, welcome to MMC!
You might have found a starter kit in your inventory with some tools and a bit of food. This will help you get started, but it won't last long, time to get going and be able to take care of yourself!

You found yourself at a pretty important place, the world spawn. Your first lesson: you can always return here using the command /spawn. Several important things can be done around here. This area is protected and you can't build anywhere near here.

You can either run off into the large world and settle down on a nice spot, or ask in the global chat if there is a mayor whose town you can join. Joining a town gives many advantages, as a food source will probably be provided by the town and so on. Wanting more adventure? Then living on your owm might be something for you! You can protect your own build in the wild with a gold block. This can be done by holding the shift-key while placing the block. It will create a Grief Revert Field.

Just know, there is no /sethome on our server, so make sure you can find your own place back!

2. Towns
Two types of towns

There are two types of towns on our server; Towny towns and PreciousStones towns. Both have different advantages, but for most the Towny town will be the easiest to use.

1. Towny towns: Towny is a great way to have protect your town and keep it organized. You will get a town spawn, which is really great. You have 4 plots for every resident you have in your town. Also donating is a great way to gain more plots. Check the website or do /shop ingame to find prices and suitable packages.

When making a town you will also be able to make a town outpost, which gives you the opportunity to get another teleportation place and expand your town's opportunities.

Towny Prices:

  • Town create – 10 000$
  • Nation create – 20 000$
  • Town Outpost create – 5 000$
  • Claiming a plot - Depends on the major or assistant
Daily Upkeep:
  • 1 Plot – 5$ each plot
  • 1 Nation – 100$
  • A mayor can set a daily tax. This can be used to pay the upkeep of the town. It can be set to a percentage or an amount.
In the following link you can find commands and help for towny commands and other stuff:

2. Precious stones towns: Another way to create towns is using PreciousStones. This does have some advantages for more advanced players, but it is hard to organize and run. By placing a Diamond Block whilst you press the shift-key, you create a City Field. This city field can be edited, expanded and so on. Within the City Field, you can place Quartz Ore blocks while holding shift to create plots within the city. These can be rented or sold. A Diamond Block costs $5000 to place, a plot is another $50. There is no daily upkeep, neither is there a /town spawn.

Besides towns, a lot of other things can be done with PreciousStones. An example is the gold block, a Grief Revert Field.

PreciousStones Prices:

  • Grief revert Protection – Free
  • Snitch Block – Free
  • City Protection -5000$
  • City Plot Blocks – 50$
  • Mob repeller – 750$
  • Launch Pad – 1500$
  • Sky Canon – 1500$
  • Entry Bouncer – 500$
  • Miner’s Haste – 3000$
In the following link you can find commands and help for Precious stones.:

3. Shop and economics

Easy and fast way to earn money is mining or farming something and sell it at shops. For example farming gold ores and selling it at the shops either in spawn or in Northpass. There is adminshops in Northpass and there are member shops in Spawn. (Northpass location screenshot below) You can buy a shop in spawn and sell your stuff and choosing the prices. The shop prices can be from 750$ to 4000$ depending on the size of the plot size.
Other ways to get money is voting ( ) and donating ( Both options is great for the server! Voting gives the server publicity and donating gives the server the chance to improve or stay alive.

4. Fast Travel

Due to the fact that teleportation on our server is limited as much as possible, fast ways to travel are very important. By far, the nether is your best option, because the nether is 8 times smaller than the overworld. At /spawn a large portal has been build below the stairs of the main spawn building.

When you enter this portal, you spawn at the Netherhub. This hub features 4 tunnels in the four direections; North, East, South & West. The tunnels are wide enough for horses to run through, also they have powered rails in them to allow minecarts.

These tunnels are not WorldGuarded. In this way you can connect your own portal to one of the tunnels you are close to! Grief is not tolerated, but making an opening to connect your own tunnel is very much allowed!

Read more on setting up a netherportal without crosslinking to other portals here:

5. Useful commands & information

Do you wish to have a better rank than slave? The use /rankup and see how much the next rank cost. List of all the ranks and prices:

Need to get some help with griefing or other staff requirements? Use /open ticket [message]
For example: /open ticket Hey, I need help with a griefing problem.
Then the staff will be with you as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading, see you online! ;)

Thanks to Ynefpavlov for helping me out with this.!
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Dec 24, 2012
Great. :) Btw if anyone find some stuff they would like me to add to the guide, then pm or comment it.. Then I will look into it