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Dec 10, 2012
So for those of you who've been playing on the new Skyblock server, I've gone around and seen a lot of work done on the islands that people have started. Post some pictures here to show the rest of the server what you're bringing to the table. Me, however... Everyone knows about this.

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Dec 10, 2012
Amazing.. the things people figure out how to do amazes me!


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Dec 10, 2012
That lapis structure makes sense now, watching with your texture pack. In vanilla, it's just a pile of blue stones.
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Dec 10, 2012
Let me tell you a story about greed.

This was me yesterday, shortly after starting Skyblock.
My island didn't encounter many difficulties or dangers, apart from the occasional water spider
or periodic endermen raids.2014-02-02_17.23.06.png

Now, anyone who has been to my island knows what the main feature is: A big, wooden mob grinder. And those who saw today's chat, knew of my ambitions. You see, iron is a scarce material in Skyblock. To get it, you have to complete the tier 2 challenges. The two most common ones are either trading mob loot for iron, or trading logs for iron.

But I had a plan. A grand plan that would be the beginning of a new age of iron. With surplus iron tools available for everyone who desired them. I would build a village, populate it, and grind the villagers' iron golems into their raw materials!

Ethics aside, this was still a big task. Fortunately, Wolf brewed the splash weakness potions required for testificate zombie transformation. Now, all I needed was two golden apples. For long, I planned on grinding the 16 gold ingots by completing tier 3 challenges. But then I had an epiphany, a stroke of genius!

I remembered, you could change your island's biome! And so I planned. I spent the wood from tens of jungle trees to triple the size of my spawner. And when that was done, I did what would prove itself to be a very poor choice in hindsight: I changed my island's biome to HELL!

The first few minutes were ok. Pigmen spawned all over my island, but mainly in the grinder. Some were piling up in my cactus pen. Some were prancing through my wheat farm. The pigmen children petted my chickens and cows. They were all unaware of the genocide happening mere meters away. I got my first stack of golden nuggets, and congratulated myself on a great plan.

But then I heard the shriek. A loud scream, ecchoing with the fury of a hundred dead pigmen. My doom had come. Karma had caught up with my nefarious plans. And what was the source of this shriek, you ask?

This guy. 2014-02-02_19.14.50.png

I had forgotten what biome I was in. The island interface warned me, though. It wasn't simply labelled as "The Nether", this was HELL. And now, what are ghasts known for doing?

Spewing ungodly fireballs, burning everything in their wake.

(A past reenactment)

Do you remember of what material my mob grinder was made of? That I spent hours collecting, for its simplicity? A material I use for all my Skyblock islands, just like last time? Wood.

(My last island, still more trees than Zephynugs')

And as my luck would have it, where does the ghast's fireball hit? My wooden spawner. Which constitutes probably 70-80 of my island's level. I'll leave you to imagine what happens when a fireball hits about 3500 planks.

As Rio kindly stated as I asked for his help extinguishing this inferno, "You're f*ck'd".

And truly, I was. For what happens when you extinguish fires while there's 20-30 pigmen walking around your flooded island, with a big grinder that doesn't kill, a ghast shooting fireballs at you, and your 1 Gb RAM laptop doing 10 fps decides to freeze for a few seconds? You hit an innocent, baby pigman. In the face. With your fist. While said 20-30 pigmen are watching.

And they got pissed.

If you've ever been to Iceland, you probably know what a geyser is. If you've played Minecraft, you're probably familiar with how hard it is to walk through shallow water with random stream. And if you've been anywhere, really, you know what happens when water tanks high up begin cracking. They leak. In this case, a huge torrent of splashing water came down from the burnt spawner. Moving around this island now really was hell, coupled with my terrible pc. Fortunately, Twenty offered to help restore my island. And with Zacsteve, we managed to fight off the mobs long enough to stop the fire and save some of the items spilled from the destroyed chests.

The moral of the story is this: Please don't use grinders irresponsibly. Karma will catch up and punish you hard.

Extra photos: 2014-02-02_19.14.46.png2014-02-02_19.15.07.png 2014-02-02_19.23.12.png2014-02-02_19.24.20.png



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Aug 8, 2013
Asddsa... you are most likely the most couragous player on skyblock... I commend you and your excellent story telling!


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Dec 10, 2012
Managed to get a villager ^^2014-02-05_22.09.04.png

One more, and the village will populate itself.