Show Me the Money! (New Players Money Making Guide)


Tatish / Tate
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Dec 16, 2012
Queensland, Australia
Are you tired of saying, 'Brother, can you spare a dime?', or 'Please sir, may I have some more?' We all know that cash is a girl's best friend... Okay, enough with the corny phrases, I'm just trying to think of a creative way to start this thread... But anyway, this is a simple guide on how to make money on MMC. This is mostly aimed at new players, that are bashing their heads against the keyboard, screaming at me to get on with it already, and also to the current players that may not know some of the tips below...The end of the post will explain how to get to each area mentioned. ENJOY!

Method 1.1 - Mining

This is the most mutual and well known method. For those of you that are new players, it is recommended that you join a town. That way, you have a safe place to store all your tools and ore. Although, if you're one with nature, you are obviously more than welcome to build your own house in the Wilderness.

If you don't have the supplies to build down to bedrock and create a strip mine, caving is highly recommended. Whilst caving, you will find enough iron to make more tools, coal, and if you're in for some luck, possibly even some diamonds. You're now probably thinking, 'Well Tatish, I now have all this iron in my inventory...Where am I supposed to sell it?'

There are 3 main places that you can sell your ore and other items:

> Spawn - Easy access, able to sell every ore, lowest income, but still good

> Dwaville - Best income on diamonds and emeralds (Including ore)

> Northpass - Best income for iron ore, lapis ore, and gold ore

Obviously, if you enjoy mining, you can upgrade your tools with the money you make, which will result in more ore being obtained. If highly requested, I will make a mining guide.

Method 1.2 - Mining in the Nether

If you have the guts, (and a silk touch pick) make your way to a nether portal and start swinging that pick at some quartz ore. It's very easy to find, and a full inventory can make you about 12k, which is great money for beginners - If sold at Northpass. I guess you could say it's a match made in...Hell.

Method 2 - Farming

'Tatish, you're a fool, how am I supposed to farm crops when I just joined the server!?'

Ah, think again young grasshopper, this is a cheeky tip on how you can make those first few dollars. Head over to Dwaville through the nether hub. Once there, enter through the gates and turn right. Follow that path all the way to the end until you see a large farm with wheat, carrots and potatoes. Take as much as you want, knock yourself out, just make sure that you replant! Oh, how convenient, across from the farm is, you guessed it, a farm shop. There, you will be able to sell all the crops you have just harvested. If you have the patience, you may wait for the crops to regrow, or you can just come back another time.

Method 3 - Jobs

This method isn’t as stable as the others, (as income can vary) but if for some reason, mining and farming isn’t your thing, you can ask people for jobs. Some people may get you to build something for them in their town, or help them with gathering resources, etc. Usually the employer will see that you are a new player and hopefully, will give you some money for your help. If not, it won't hurt to ask them for a thoughtful tip.

How to Get to the Areas Mentioned:

Spawn - obviously the area you started in, to return here type the command /spawn . Keep in mind, that there is a 10 minute cool down on this until you can use it again.

Dwaville (Minecart required) - At spawn, head down the stairs towards the fountain and turn around 180 degrees. You will see a large nether portal. Enter through there and you will be in the nether hub. Take the east tunnel and follow the signs to Dwaville.

Northpass (Minecart required) - Again, enter the nether hub via spawn and head down the east tunnel, following the signs.

And there you have it! The beginners guide to fortune on MMC. Players that have unmentioned methods they wish to share, please reply! Hope this has helped. (y)