Regarding "Gentle's War" and "Grief"

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Dec 11, 2012
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Posting this publicly due to the number of people involved and the clarification about hostile mobs. Other documents will be updated as possible.

  1. Any blocks destroyed immediately after Gentle's surrender may be rolled back or replaced.
  2. NO hostile mobs, named or not, shall be restored. "Hostile" means mobs that will attack players or villagers unprovoked. Neutral mobs native to the respective area (Overworld, Nether, End) may be replaced with new ones at the mod's discretion.
  3. NO corrective action will be taken against any player for the events of the "war".
  4. NO weaponizing hostile mobs in the Overworld unless a specific exemption for a specific location is granted by a mod.

This is a difference between "agreement/rules as written" versus "spirit of the agreement/rules". The letter of the agreement is on Gentle's side, the spirit of the agreement is on everyone else's. Therefore, a compromise between the two is struck.

Wither turrets (or other weaponized hostile mobs) shall not be a thing in the Overworld. However, one must be impressed by the cleverness used with those builds. We will be looking at a way to both let players use that creativity and resourcefulness without changing the fundamental PvE of the main server. Your patience there is appreciated.

Precedent about hostile mobs and "grief"

If a mob becomes hostile toward a player without the player provoking it, they may defend themselves without it being considered "grief". Practical examples:
  • Bob enters an area where Sue has trapped a pillager, but it can still fire out. It fires at Bob. Bob may defend himself and destroy the pillager.
  • Bob enters a village that Sue has been renovating. He strikes an Iron Golem, and it attacks him. Bob may NOT defend himself and destroy the golem; he provoked the attack.
  • Sue is annoyed by Bob. Each of them has a pet dog. Bob strikes Sue. Bob's dog then attacks Sue. Sue's dog defends Sue. Each player kills the other's pet dog. Bob has griefed, Sue has not, as Bob provoked the attack.
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