New Super Town


Town Designer
Dec 13, 2013
I would like to announce that as of yesterday I have opened New SuperTown to the public! Our staff as of now is: Mayor: SuperZachLee3000, Co-Mayor: 5_heavy, Town Administrator: LON3_RANG3R. We have lost a lot of members and we would like to gain more back. We are allied with Sealand, Fallorth, Castle Eisenwulf and are progressively growing as a nation against Taurostein. We offer one free diamond as a starter kit and if you choose to opt into war you will be given our war kits that is shown at our area 52 base next to town spawn. Plots are 80$ (price may vary over time) and taxes are 5$ which could possibly lower depending on how many people we reach too. So if you are interested pm/mail me or 5_heavy.

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