Mountain City of Armàrath


Town Designer
Dec 12, 2012
Mountain City of Armàrath
As several matters of global concern have made the magnificent city of Armàrath as a name well-known to the world. It pains the City Council that oft rumours of unjust nature come to the ears of our beloved citizens, as word of mouth is easily twisted. Therefore, with this writing the City Council wishes to educate the population of the world about the Mountain City of Armàrath.

The city is located in the west, at the border of 'The Old Map', roughly 4500 blocks west of the World Market. The closest town, SkyFalls, is only at a distance of 1700 blocks, to the south-east of the city. The city itself is located inside a deep valley, surrounded by steep walls of rock. The peak of Mt. Armàrath with a top height of 215 meters looms over the intricate maze of small roads in the valley.

Banners and Words
The city's colours are gold and grey, they can be found anywhere around the city, as in the flag. The flag is made of 3 vertical stripes of which the outer two are grey and the inner one is gold. The grey symbolizes the mountain, with in the center the golden heart, the city. The gold expresses the wealth of the city too, most of which is still buried in the stone to be excavated in one of the many mines that go deep into the mountain. The words of the city are: 'Coat of Grey, Core of Gold', which do rather much tell the same. The citizens are hard working, strong people that show little of their lives, but they are also known as truthful and honest, goldenhearted.

The City is primarily ruled by an appointed Council. The Mayor, His Excellency the Grand Architect Ynef has a fixed seat on this council and he has a vote in the other seats too. He is not the only one to vote for the other seats though. The other four positions are all elected by the people of the city, these functions are
- Chief General
- Keeper of the Treasury
- Redstone magician
- Minister of prosperity

The City of Armàrath owes allegiance to Castle Eisenwulf, of which the mighty Xoloz is the ruler. Furthermore the city is united in the Coalition with several towns, of which most are sworn to Xoloz too, e.g. The Grand Principality of Sealand, of which LTDom is the prince. Alliances can be made iwth other towns, but the City Council will have to discuss if there are any benefits to the city, as well as we will have to take our other alliances into account.

Current Status
Our magnificent city boasts a humble population of three, at the moment of this writing. This is due to the construction of most buildings, which is still an ongoing project. The infrastructure still needs working before houses can be bought or rented. The town will use PS to protect itself and their citizens. The city is not open for residents yet. People that think they can contribute this early to the city will need to convince me with their building skills on the server and earn the trust of the council.

The City Council hopes to have informed the people of the world with this writing and would happily hear their reactions to this city.

-City Council, His Excellency the Grand Architect Ynef

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