Help me :c

So i was playing on the server, when suddenly my Minecraft crashed, since then i havnt been able to play Minecraft because it keeps crashing when i try to open it.. :c

This is what it says: Chrash log;1.png Chrash log;2.png


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Make sure those two options are enabled on your profile. Also make sure you have enough RAM available to launch minecraft...

Always the easiest solution is to try turning it off and on again.


Might tech support suggestion of the day!

Have you tried a reboot yet? Sorry for newb question, but something may be tieing up all your ramz.


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Hrm, how much RAM have you allocated for MC?

From what I can tell, I have minimal experience with the launcher script mind you, there's none.

The line:
allocated:0 tallocated:0

Also, you could try running it as an administrator, that "should" clear up any permission based problems.
Well it normaly runs easily, but it just keeps crashing today, so dont think its permision based, the ram thing tho, nut sure how/where to add more ram to minecraft?
What did you try do download for minecraft, try just using normal minecraft, no mods, minimaps, texturepacks, one could be causing the ram to trip and not want to load the right amount


vase to reboot, goto start, shutdown and then reboot. Or you can just hold the power button down for 10 seconds till it all turns off.. after that, push the power button again and it will boot back up.
Type run in the program search bar after you click on the Windows button. Another search bar will come up, type %appdata%. Open the .minecraft folder. You should be able to handle it from there
I can see the there is source file error, so I'm guessing you were playing and came to a block that is not loaded in your texture pace, this will cause the game to not think correctly and overwhelm the memory of the game causing the error, vase got back with me on this and confirmed that it was a texture pack he was using today