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Jul 14, 2014
Hey everyone. Been playing MMC again for the past two weeks, and I have thought of a few ideas for the server along the way.

Main/Primary Ideas

No rules survival map. This would be a new map that you can enter via a portal or /warp. PvP, Griefing, Theft, Betrayal - everything goes. No claiming land or chests. Essentially, it would be a remake of the WaterWorld obsidian island map we had back in the day. McMMO is on the table, along with other mods of that sort. Might be a bit premature to implement now, since the player base is still low (but climbing!), however, in the future I think this would be a great nostalgia trip.

2. Factions. This could be introduced into the current survival map. Also, it doesn't have to be Factions per se, I don't know much about plugins, so I used Factions as an example. Any mod that allows you to join a team with friends, and encourages PvP among other teams would be cool (suggestions welcome!). This would add another dimension to the server in the sense that there is another whole set of objectives to grind for.

3. Custom Dungeons. This was done back in the day too. These should be a crazy difficult end-game challenge. Both solo and duo would be a nice touch.

Other/Secondary Ideas

/Sellhand command. Since shops are relatively inactive, this would be a great way to make consistent money. The downfall to this would be some inflation, and it also would be hard to balance with the player run shops. One counter to both of these is to set the price lower rather than higher. Additionally, this would aid players in clearing chest space of unwanted items without disposing of them for no money.

2. Update the current Mob Arena's to allow solo play. In my opinion, the reason that Mob Arena's were inactive is because of it being duo only. Solo play would bring open new activities even when your friends are offline.

3. Allow for XP bottles. I don't know exactly how this would work, but if some way you were able to put the XP you earn into bottles and sell them, it might create some demand in the player run marketplace. A more risky and shaky idea would be the ability to harvest and sell mob spawners, though that would probably be best for another world with a factions plugin and not raw survival.

4. Scoreboard stats mod. Neat mod to compete with your friends to be on the top of the scoreboard. Another way to stimulate competition.

Ending Thoughts

The new mobs added recently are fantastic. Super fun to grind, rewarding drops, and doesn't break the classic survival feel. Great job here. Also, whatever mod allows players to get wasted is perhaps the greatest achievement of mankind. Tenner and I might have a fun project coming up that may or may not involve such mod.

Anyways, I encourage anyone reading this to say what they think of the ideas I listed above, as well as listing their own ideas in the comments. :)


Dec 10, 2012
I plan on implementing a way to sell the crap in your inventory soon.

We can certainly do that for mobarena, great idea.

You're not the first to want this, a good idea and I believe we may be able to do it now.

I'll look in to scoreboards.
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