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Dec 12, 2012
Long, long ago, when not even the first of the currently known towns was established, a city flourished on the fertile plains in the far south-west; Fallorath. The Fallorathian people were a good and thriving people, widely known. Traders came from afar to sell their precious goods in the city, where almost always a buyer was easily found.

However, Fallorath did not last.

After years of abundance, the harvests decimated in only a couple of years, struck by mildew and blight. What followed was an extremely cold winter. The Fallorathian survived, closely huddled together in front of the fireplaces in their houses. The spring was warm and promising, but alas. Falloraths weakness did not go unnoticed. One by one the mountain folks came down, plundering and pillaging the city. Trade stopped abruptly with this new image the city had taken in only days. The people could not stay where they lived and left the city. In search of a new home.

Fallorath grew empty and slowly nature crept in on the city. Paths became grassy or disappeared altogether, stones crumbled and tall towers even fell. The city turned into a ruin over the course of many centuries. The people, however, found a new home. This time their city would be high up so nobody could come down at them in the middle of the night. This time a mountain would protect them in times of war. They named their city Armàrath.

Now, many centuries later, the city of Fallorath will be restored to former glory by the old Armàrathians. They shall reinstall Fallorath as a Towny town, and will work as one. Armàrath will still be PreciousStones ran, since the mountain does not allow for spacious plots of standardized sizes. Together they will once again flourish!

Please leave your application below if you would like to be part of this city. The city will have a medievalish theme, so not very modern! Its based on a little bit of roleplay. Everyone will have a task/title/job. Of course nothing is too strict, you can do whatever you want, but don't go all against the towns story.

For an application I would like to see your:

- Ingame name
- Age
- Reason why this is the town for you
- Purpose you would like to have (job/function/etc.)
- (if possible) Picture of one of your nicer medievalish builds.

Thats all! For today :)


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Dec 10, 2012
Not making an application, but more-so stating, this was a well formatted and very beautiful thing to read. :p
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