bed spawn issues

So there is somewhat of a bed spawn issue, to where people are properly placing there beds and sleeping, and when they die they go back to spawn, and not there bet, this issue is because of having blocks around the players bed, to resolve this issue, make sure you don't place blocks around your bed, give yourself a 1 block radius on the sides, and end of your bed, and 2 blocks above to ensure that you will spawn at your bedside.

Thank you Lynn, and softballgirl, for getting with me on this.
ALSO the nether portals are going wacko. Random people are showing up at my house, stealing shit. Now anytime i go into a nether portal i come out in someone elses spot. anyway to fix this?


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for the bed problem: i didn't notice that at all. just normal bedspawns.

nether portals: true i builded a portal went trough the same portal in the nether and got out of a portal 1000 blocks away. problem is solved by building a portal from the nether on the specific coördinates (coördinates/8) and then the portal spawns within 8 blocks of the questioned coördinates. (also discussed in the thread: ) ( epic_ninja and TES know more about this technique)