1. steven_saus

    Command Macros For MyMineCraft (FabricMod)

    If you are using Fabric, there is a spiffy mod called Command Macros that's worth checking out. I've incorporated it into my Technic packs, but I've taken the time to document the default binds that I put in (and also saved the JSON file). If you're using Technic, Grunkle Steven's Villagers...
  2. thebeanies

    Hello...? Anybody Home?

    Hey everyone. Been playing MMC again for the past two weeks, and I have thought of a few ideas for the server along the way. Main/Primary Ideas 1. No rules survival map. This would be a new map that you can enter via a portal or /warp. PvP, Griefing, Theft, Betrayal - everything goes. No...