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  1. roewaid

    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    Eey Rio and Swift. How you guys doing? And when will we see you on the server? :p
  2. roewaid

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    Dutch guy number 4 here. I think having reoccurring events at certain days and times would be good as well. Like the arena that is being build on now. Maybe have like a ranked system every weekend or something. So you could always play it with at least 2 people but in the weekend there is a...
  3. roewaid

    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    some pics I think were nice to add. not to old. first one is my bday last yeah 10th january 2014 at Mentyson his villa. 2nd @bluechops , @Swiftflight and @mentyson preparing for battle with a wither skeleton. 3th is the arena at Kingslanding. Man I miss that World and town
  4. roewaid

    Feedback Time (again)!

    @Boosted_FG2 i didn't mean that everybody has to build in a theme like elfish and such but there can of course also be a human town or towns. For the reset if it happens I would say make sure the new map is finished first. With that I mean make sure you guys added all the buildings you want to...
  5. roewaid

    Feedback Time (again)!

    We are talking about ideas for a next world. That doesn't mean we want the change next month. But we are trying to come with ideas so a next world would work better
  6. roewaid

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Ofcourse there wont be just areas for those cities. There could be a area in the middle of the land that cant have any town but people could live there. But if the idea of only being able to protect your stuff in a town would pass then you wont be 100% safe there. And it isnt like there could be...
  7. roewaid

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Shut me up if i am going to far. If you take the idea of ynef that there are different kind of towns. So dwarves, elvish etc. and then divide the land in like different regions. With a region for every kind of people or maybe 2 on every part of the world. Then they could deside to work together...
  8. roewaid

    Feedback Time (again)!

    I agree with some of the people here saying the challenge is gone. Maybe it is a good idea to go to a new world in a bit but not right away. First finish the world. So build the towns, add the npc en the quests. I think that way people will hang around because there is something to do in the...
  9. roewaid

    Feedback Time (again)!

    What happened to the quests. There were talks of quests in the new world and I never heard anything about that anymore. I think that would be a good extra.
  10. roewaid

    Faces of MyMinecraft

    be carefull starfire I have a lot of friends on MMC :P
  11. roewaid

    Faces of MyMinecraft

    This is called a photo or a picture and not a selfie. A selfie you take yourself. Kids these days pfff :p
  12. roewaid

    A horrendous announcement

    My house got broken into 2 years ago and they took my PS3 and beats. And my mom her laptop and jewerelly. We got all the money back in 2 months
  13. roewaid

    Weekly newsletter?

    looks great the newsletter.
  14. roewaid

    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    For me it was coming here together with Dylanhebuilder, mentyson, ynefpavlov and jeronimo. We played on a server that stopped and came to mmc together to start a town. But like 2 weeks after we joined there was a reset and our water town was gone again. Then we started Kingslanding on the next...
  15. roewaid

    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    I think something like farm improvement is to much. You already get better at farming with mcmmo
  16. roewaid

    I Knew It

    Bing is a girl :O
  17. roewaid

    The Holy Shrine of Nardo

    The blocks of those kind of pillars look like bathroom tiles in the sims XD
  18. roewaid

    New theme is live...

    I really like the modern clean design but it is a bit boring for me like this. i would say maybe add a background again or something.
  19. roewaid

    I don't suppose the old map is available to download for offline play?

    Do you guys mean the last world that we had for a month or the world before that that we had for a long time. I would like that one. Would like to use some of the builds from palmetto and firebay
  20. roewaid

    Pets have arrived!

    got it :P