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  1. Epic_Ninja66

    I'm back!

    Which Valhalla? The original in the 1.2 world or the following one?
  2. Epic_Ninja66

    Ugly Landscapes

    Unnecessary land grief like that used to be against the rules and people would be banned. I feel like it should be brought back if TNT is now apparently allowed.
  3. Epic_Ninja66

    I have starred into everything...

    Oh man, I saw that movie the day it came out, then the next week and the week after. FANTASTIC movie.
  4. Epic_Ninja66

    S.S.S. Snow Leopard

    everything is awesome.
  5. Epic_Ninja66

    Great if... Only...

    All hail the Great Uniter!
  6. Epic_Ninja66

    A PvP Revival

    Pvp factions literally always ended up being 2 main groups fighting until one quit then the world died. The two groups the last 4 times were literally the same people too. But either way i wouldnt mind another one.
  7. Epic_Ninja66

    If you have not seen Interstellar go see it as soon as possible.

    Without a doubt that was the most mind blowing movie ive ever seen. I cant even describe how well done it is. Just go see it.
  8. Epic_Ninja66


    Yeah i made it there on day 2 and was super disappointed with no shops yet
  9. Epic_Ninja66

    Remove all pvp enchantments and pvp potions and replace them with mcmmo combat skills.

    So most of minecraft is whoever gets the grinder first wins. Its as simple as just sitting there doing something else and coming back to press 1 button to kill mobs. It no fun! However, the mcmmo pvp skills are fun and diverse, offering multiple ways to fight. Using the skills would make pvp...
  10. Epic_Ninja66


    but what would keep people safe when travalling? mobs would hunt them at night. With a nether tunnel its faster, cheaper, and safer.
  11. Epic_Ninja66


    With just a few hours of work a perfect nether tunnel system can be set up that is 100% and it would require much less resources.
  12. Epic_Ninja66


    Nether tunnel railways are without a doubt the most efficient. Mikermer and I connect our bases and the spawn with them. A trip that would normally take nearly 30 mins on foot in the overworld takes less than 5 with nether railway tunnels. As long as each public portal gets protected it is...
  13. Epic_Ninja66

    General Movie Discussion

    I cant wait for interstellar
  14. Epic_Ninja66

    Updates on the Reset?

    if mcmmo stats are kept i would never return
  15. Epic_Ninja66

    Players have been 'reset'

    Server reset? looks like its almost time for me to return! Are we keeping mcmmo? i feel like it should be removed.
  16. Epic_Ninja66

    A moment of recognition. September 4th 2014

    no mention of me 0/10
  17. Epic_Ninja66

    Regarding 1.8

    Are you finally getting married tercept?
  18. Epic_Ninja66

    Second market is now open for players!

    I'll buy all the plots. Epic's super center mall will open!
  19. Epic_Ninja66

    Happy Birthday Rio_Fickle!

    Happy birthday fuckle, and to you too mikewhore :)
  20. Epic_Ninja66


    still dont know who that is lol