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    1.14.x Spawn Discussion

    So we were thinking about what the admin shop should sell. We made a list on what it should sell: sand gravel all flowers quartz redstone dust coal saplings sugar cane leather coral all stones ice glowstone prismarine shards and crystals dirt grass If you think anything else should be...
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    1.14.x Spawn Discussion
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    1.14.x Spawn Discussion

    I'll post what I had in mind; I was thinking to downscale a bit from the current spawn. That way the spawn area is cleaner and it will be better organized. I also heard someone speak about some secret stuff, I'm all in for that! But first things first, we will need a good place for the spawn...
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    1.14 Is here! Are we ready?

    Hey there! I'm in for a new world, I'm also in for an economy reset. 1.14 brings a lot of new changes and stuff to do, something that we can only enjoy if we have a little, more balanced restart. A cool idea might be to make the map a little smaller. that way we live closer to eachother, wich...
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    Howdy Howdy

    I'm 21 now, same for the grammar!
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    Idea's Tips and Input!

    An idea for the brewery plugin, if it's possible, make it have some more side effects like advanced speed or haste, makes the use for the drinks way more interesting. Otherwise I fear the use of it might slowly dissapear since being wasted and typing like a 3yr old in chat isn't all that usefull...
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    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    Never too late for a comeback! :) feel Welcome! :)
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    Idea's Tips and Input!

    Hi hi hi hi, As we all know the server had a great restart! :p I see a lot of great idea's for the server flying thru the chat! Time to write em down somewhere! So let your fantasy go nutz and post em here! :D Some of my idea's: - Have 'magic carpet' added to the donor's list somewhere. (If...
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    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    Well, I'll write my opinion down too I guess! ;) I liked the server back in the day and am very happy for a chance to play with some of you again :D #memories. Got to love the 1.13 update to minecraft. I am still very much into building and the simple survival stuff. So all speciallitties are...
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    More "off topic" sub forums?

    This is the forums of an old server I was super moderator on, maybe you can get some ideas there (this isn't intended to advertise the server in anyway, SINDS THE SERVER CLOSED ANYWAYS lol)
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    I joined around christmas time 2012, I remember me being in lots of towns and stuff before I stranded into Rio's town, after a while I got town assistant there. A while passed and there was a new update, the one with the fireworks. Then I quit for a little while, kept doing that untill I played...
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    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    @Tercept Brewery plugin adds features like brews that are fun to play with. The player doesn't get any adventages. This plugin adds watering things so you can farm faster, auto building things that make building faster and other stuff like that. Atleast, I think thats what @ynefpavlov means.
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    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    After looking at the plugin in game, I agree with everything you say here! :)
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    Mini-Me Statues

    thats a very cool concept! :D And a cool statue you made!
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    New theme is live...

    Have to get used to it, But it looks pretty cool! :)
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    Uploading files in a convo

    Lol cool, i'm from the dutch speaking part of belgium 2! where u from? I'm from Dilsen-Stokkem, near Genk and Hasselt :D
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    Uploading files in a convo

    Are u dutch? 'Verplaatsen'
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    Re-enabling Brewery!

    You can disable the chat influence in the plugin files. Noone will notice u are drunk then. Nough said. lol
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    The return

    Welcome back indeed!