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  1. 1999royal

    MMC Update Information

    Is the server actually updated to 1.7 yet? Because I will start playing again when it is.
  2. 1999royal

    PS4 General Thread

    I'm getting one, and I should be getting Killzone: Shadow Fall & Fifa 14. And my PSN buddies know me as SirBritian.
  3. 1999royal

    Royal Carpets!

    DOTW Week 2: Gray Carpet= $4 for 16 -RJL
  4. 1999royal

    Royal Carpets!

    Oh... yeah.. totally for you.... -RJL
  5. 1999royal

    Royal Carpets!

    Wha' up. I have made a new Store named 'Royal Carpets'. It can be located at the Spawn Market and is the Glowstone one. I sell every Carpet for $8 for 16! I will also have a Deal Of The Week (DOTW) where I halve one of the Carpets prices, I will post which one weekly. Feel free to come on down...
  6. 1999royal

    Announcement of departure

    Well, bye. You may not remember who I am but I sure do you. You were a brilliant mod and dealt with things in a great way. Good luck with your future endeavours. -RJL
  7. 1999royal

    All Town Mayors!

    Thanks Rio! I probably won't see you till tommrow for my times one, but when I do I will sure set one up. What is the price for it or do you want to think on it? -RJL
  8. 1999royal

    All Town Mayors!

    Hi guys. I decided to make a brand new Business called Royal Carpets which obviously sells Carpets. I am interested in buying a Shop Plot in as many Towns as possible, so if any Town Mayors or Assistants in any Town (I am also interested in Spawn Plot) can you name the price please and I will...
  9. 1999royal

    Prison Competition

    I'm in if it happens? Well can I be in it?
  10. 1999royal

    Updating the wiki!

    How to join a Town maybe? We always get players nagging and don't listen when we say ask a Mayor. -RJL
  11. 1999royal

    Server updated to 1.6.4, feel free to update

    So, is this the new update with the new Biomes and plants and stuff? Because I was playing to move to a new Biome when it is out and sell my Home. So is this the proper one or do I need to wait for the new biomes? -RJL
  12. 1999royal


    See what I mean, dalking. I expect your Town may go into ruins. -RJL
  13. 1999royal

    Selling House and Farm! (AUCTION)

    Hi guys. I have decided to leave New Rook in Mid-October to live alone, in the woods in a secret location. I have decided to sell 2/4 Plots I have there which include my House and Farm, I will sell them as an Auction. You can bid with items too as long as I like them. To check this Plots out...
  14. 1999royal


    Look, before you start to advertise and lie about your Town I suggest you actually do something with it. I went there and all you had was a stone brick mini area and some chests, people will not join unless you make plots and areas. I think you rushed making it. As soon as you made the money...
  15. 1999royal

    Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot Server

    So sorry, I just want to say. Dat' Signature -RJL
  16. 1999royal

    Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot Server

    It says outdated client?
  17. 1999royal

    Minecraft 1.7 Snapshot Server

    Please may I be whitelisted. 1999royal -RJL Done, blue.
  18. 1999royal

    Youtube on the server

    Hiddentalent2k11 has a good channel called Leaves Of Lettuce (Just Type Lettucey Goodness) I think. He does a series on MMC. I just said this because I take this as everyone who does MMC Vids.
  19. 1999royal

    WWE & TNA

    Hi people. Do we have any WWE or TNA fans in MMC? I just want to know if anyone is in to it so perhaps we could chat about it and similar stuff. Some of you might go to say about how it is fake and all that. It is but it is entertaining and just like a TV Show really. -RJL
  20. 1999royal

    Closing My Shop For 2-4 Weeks

    Hi guys. I just thought I would tell you that I am closing my Shop in New_Rook for re-innovation. I will edit the Building, Get More Stock & Re-Stock. Any Money donations are optional to help me with this but when I re-open it will be all brand new. I know some of you don't care but I thought I...