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  1. mentyson

    Faces of MyMinecraft

    Sunday Funday!
  2. mentyson

    Updates on the Reset?

    After trying PS and going to Towny I would have rather stayed with PS, but that's just me. I don't like the chunk limitations of Towny or building in even numbers... XD
  3. mentyson

    Players have been 'reset'

    How does a reset fix that??? I dont understand why people think that resets change anything. There is an insane amount of open space in the current world to build. Just move 100 blocks over and build something else??
  4. mentyson

    FireBay Village

    Long live FireBay!
  5. mentyson

    Do not panic!

    oh wow, go mojang...!
  6. mentyson


    With UHC it is just a randomly generated world though is it not? With the Hardcore game rule turned on...
  7. mentyson


    the only downside to no nether is that it eliminates potions, but Im not sure if maybe that is your intent... Sounds great though!
  8. mentyson


    I dont think there would need to be any mods needed... The gamerule is pretty straightforward and requires no plugins or maintenance or referees... It is only vanilla minecraft survival fight to the last man standing! It lasts as long as there is more than one person alive and you don't bring...
  9. mentyson

    Community Suggestions!

    .... This thread is in reference to the website/ forums.... But I can see how the spleef reference would throw you off.... :)
  10. mentyson

    Community Suggestions!

    All hail spleef ! what about minigames on the site? Or a cheers and jeers section of the forum! People love to complain XD
  11. mentyson

    Too many packets (extreme lag?) Bug

    Its just borked, we shall wait for a fix :)
  12. mentyson

    Minecraft EULA Changes [Regards Donations]

    I don't believe how the donations are handled on this server is what Mojang is targeting. The way the donations are done on MMC doesn't limit the game at all and it seems Mojang is just wanting to make a clear statement that restricting their game content to "donors only" on servers is a no no...
  13. mentyson

    Implemented Dollars vs Zingas

    Zingas... The 'dollar' is a currency used by the U.S. and because MyMinecraft is not controlled by the US treasury and is an international community, it needs its own form of currency.... ie. 'Zingas'
  14. mentyson

    Music thread

    This is my favorite version of this song........
  15. mentyson

    What MiniGame would you like to see next?

    I dont know why, but I could play spleef for hours. It is the most simplistic and most ppl get bored easily with it, but there is just something about breaking blocks under other players that gets me excited.... Oh and walls for pvp... it brings back the crafting and preparation to pvp...
  16. mentyson

    MMC Update Information

    I think this is a good direction. I agree that towny is extremely restrictive and kinda gets boring after building a 16x16 structure... The minecraft landscape is vast and being restricted to a box hinders creativity...