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  1. Fatpenguin45


    Nice elephant shirt
  2. Fatpenguin45


    It's a very nice town. I've been to it, it's awesome.
  3. Fatpenguin45

    Possible Improvements for the Server

    Before one of the staff get mad at you about the donating thing, basically you're expected to donate for the better of the server, not as much for the prizes given. Other than that, nice suggestions.
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    Economy - Opinions?

    It's nice to hear input from a new player, but on the ingot part there's a problem. Unfortunately we have members on this server who like to make iron and gold farms and ruin the economy like that. They make mass amounts of it and if they could sell it to the admin shop then they would be super...
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    Economy - Opinions?

    The voting is kinda unfair because since I have 2 brothers that both play on the server, only one of us can vote each day. It's pretty annoying. This also can apply to any other siblings on the server. This is because it tracks the voting by IP adress not username.
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    Economy - Opinions?

    Flying would just get out of hand and would be abused in so many ways, really bad idea. (Refer to abuse of magic carpet to help support this)
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    Economy - Opinions?

    I think that's a bad idea, more pvp with that=more crying people and fights
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    Rank Names have been added

    Since that is kinda long, they could abbreviate Donor and just do like [Serf][Don.]
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    Congrats to this guy

    congrats blue
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    Team Speak Debate- What is your opinion on Incest?

    Yes, as long as no child is being born of it, then it should be ok. I believe this argument was just about if it was morally ok to have incest or not, not really about the birth defects and such.
  11. Fatpenguin45

    Team Speak Debate- What is your opinion on Incest?

    I find it ok, honestly let people do what they want. You can change what people do, but not what they think. It is like homosexuality like Shane said (not like gay marriage). People discriminate against it but really, why do you care? Let them be who they want to be. If they want to have incest...
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    Upcoming Sale for Donor Perks

    Will you be announcing the workers for your town?
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    [Poll] PvP Choices on the Server

    It was in response to freedom, not a comparison of the server rules >.>
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    [Poll] PvP Choices on the Server

    tell that to china
  15. Fatpenguin45

    [Poll] PvP Choices on the Server

    Happy to see Anti-PvP winning this
  16. Fatpenguin45

    Introductions: Chrisprij

    welcome to the server
  17. Fatpenguin45

    FAQ on Towny and Enforcement on Rules

    The ranks in your town, Consular, Guard, and the other one (can't remember it) what would their actual town rank be, assistant or helper?
  18. Fatpenguin45

    Upcoming changes in May 2014

    towny is going to be outside those borders only, and ps will not be allowed to be used with towny
  19. Fatpenguin45

    Imperial City / Imperial Center

    Player Name: Fatpenguin45 Age (Optional): 15 Time on MMC: 2 years Position you wish to apply for: Consular Why you think you would be good at this job (2 paragraphs): I'd like to think of myself as a pretty good assistant. While I was in Concordia, I brought in over 50 people to the town. I...