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  1. dwa1275

    Hello Everyone (New Server)

    I'm sorry swift, I had to think about what I was going to do with it far a few day's, I could of ran, but I'm not that kind of person...and I would love for some more players to have a shot at it as well
  2. dwa1275

    Hello Everyone (New Server)

    Hello everyone, Its been some time from my last post. As some of you may know, myself and Boosted_FG2 have Started a server to continue on from MMC, With most of the same friends you have come to know and many new player's, we have got the server just about to 100%, and it is ready to join as...
  3. dwa1275

    Lets talk Mini Games..

    Looks fun
  4. dwa1275

    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    I do enjoy hrad helping as much as he can, he's good at redstone as I am good but he's been able to figure stuff out that I cant, and is all ways willing to help with any project that he can if the help is needed, I'm sure I can test him on his building skills, and see where it go's from there...
  5. dwa1275

    Feedback Time (again)!

    So the other thing that people need to think about is, what do you do when your tired of playing minecraft, just keep playing, or take a break, I know for a fact that more then half the player base on mmc is not 100% minecraft players as they do enjoy the game, there's tones of more out there to...
  6. dwa1275

    Help me :c

    I can see the there is source file error, so I'm guessing you were playing and came to a block that is not loaded in your texture pace, this will cause the game to not think correctly and overwhelm the memory of the game causing the error, vase got back with me on this and confirmed that it was...
  7. dwa1275

    Help me :c

    What did you try do download for minecraft, try just using normal minecraft, no mods, minimaps, texturepacks, one could be causing the ram to trip and not want to load the right amount
  8. dwa1275

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Tbh, I would love to see the current map we are on up for the next year, these ideas a few of you have for towny wars can be done at any time if you think about it, the point would be to build the town with your members, and defend it you don't have to use towny or ps for this and make an...
  9. dwa1275

    Mcmmo power levels gone

    Ok, here is my only issue, as you changed your name the name the was assigned for that mcmmo was deleted as the player does not exist anymore, so I would not be able to get you the exact mcmmo ranks you had, as I mentioned in my post from the 4th, you start as a new player with mcmmo, I would...
  10. dwa1275

    Mcmmo power levels gone

    When did you change your name, can you give me a date please
  11. dwa1275

    Several accounts of 'XXX fell out of the world' at Swiftflight's portal.

    The block has been fixed, you also have your items back,
  12. dwa1275

    Name change

    As some of you have noticed, you are now able to change your minecraft name, you can once every 30 days, But if you decide to change your name please consider this, you will loose all your items in your inventory, you will be blocked from your own ps, you will not be part of a town, you will...
  13. dwa1275

    Tercept's Dragon

    That's the funny thing, it came to him, lol
  14. dwa1275

    Tercept's Dragon

    The dragon that tercept spawned about 2 weeks ago has been found, and defeated,
  15. dwa1275

    Essential signs Or Chestshop which do you prefer?

    The signs are cool, but I don't like how I have to load money into the signs, an not know how much money I have
  16. dwa1275

    Lets talk Mini Games.. Hide and seek is a popular game mode on Minecraft that allows you to hide as blocks and disguise as normal props from seekers. This plugin allows you to do that but with a lot more features added on such as: shops, stats etc... This plugin...
  17. dwa1275

    What Do You Need?

  18. dwa1275

    Weekly newsletter?

    I love the idea
  19. dwa1275

    cool screenshots

    if you want your build featured here leave the cords and I will take pic's