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  1. redneckgirl78

    Gambling Incentives

    Just going to chuck out the idea for a casino. We had it before and it really attracted players as well as helped thee economy. As well maybe include like a mmc tokens or casino emeralds etc, in donation packages. I am finding that donations packages are well to be honest boring. Just want to...
  2. redneckgirl78

    stuck, please help fix

    Hey for some reason I have no permission to chat in chat, or /help, global, it said I was moderated and banned after I made a donation. :( If someone can help please. I can play however I can't talk or look up help stuff. Not sure if something activated it once I donated. I restarted several...
  3. redneckgirl78

    another donor suggestion

    Hey Guys & Gals, Just a suggestion. Is it possible to maybe give a certain donor level the ability to fly in their gold block field and or city block. I understand some members may abuse this however maybe a reward for good behavior, etc. Just thought I would run it past ya'll. Cheers.