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  1. Hestehaven

    Diamond Pickaxe's For Sale

    Hello People! I have a lot of Diamond Pickaxe's with enchantment, so here is your change to get one for some zingas ;) Give me your offer and you may have a deal. The pick's I got and I have more of some: Eff IV, Unb III, Fortune III Eff III, Unb III, Fortune II Eff IV, Unb III, Fortune II Eff...
  2. Hestehaven

    Starter Guide

    Starter guide This is a quick starting guide for new players where they can find lots of basic information! Index 1) Your first day 2) Towns 3) Economy 4) Fast Travel 5) Useful Commands 1. Your first day! First of all, welcome to MMC! You might have found a starter kit in your inventory...