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  1. Foose

    See you later!

    @VasegaardOP Hit me up on league or skype or something. I would like to keep in touch.
  2. Foose

    Forgot about this...

    I feel like this is a reference to Fizz from League of legends (another game)
  3. Foose

    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    why should I be officially spay of the content creation team. Hmm, well I have already built a maze and casino for the server and have plans for more games. And something new is already under way.
  4. Foose

    Help me :c

    Type run in the program search bar after you click on the Windows button. Another search bar will come up, type %appdata%. Open the .minecraft folder. You should be able to handle it from there
  5. Foose

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Well I have a few things to say about how to improve and things we could do to keep people interested. 1. MCMMO - Although I love the plugin because it gives the player something to work toward, in the long run it breaks itself. With the economy added into the server the perks of the different...
  6. Foose

    Feeling Lucky?

    It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Mesa Casino! In this casino you will find 4 games. Each one uses a different kind of payment and gives out a different prize. You can win Iron, Diamonds, Diamond/Emerald Ore, and our house prize is a beacon!!!!! Feel free to drop on by and...
  7. Foose

    Welcome to the New Spawn

    Well guys New Spawn is here and a couple things are headed your way as well! There are new shop plots and the introduction of Mega Plots at spawn. If you had a shop at spawn you will be able to pick which area you want for your new plot. It will be first come first serve so act fast! We have...
  8. Foose

    A horrendous announcement

    Looks Like I won't be moving to Minnesota after all. In all honesty that sucks bro. Hope insurance covers everything
  9. Foose

    New Donation Idea

    The biggest problem we would have is people using the same color as broadcast or server or private messages. They would just get blurred in and unseen. It's already hard enough trying to track who is saying what in chat and adding color I feel would only add more fire to the flames so to speak...
  10. Foose

    cool screenshots

    @Xoloz @Bringonumber1
  11. Foose

    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    After being on the server for like a month in 1.6/1.7 I remember I was trying to get my own head for like an hour and then one and only @Boosted_FG2 came along was like hey I'm Mr kool guy with looting 3. Tped over and first try beheaded me.
  12. Foose

    Mini-Me Statues

    I'll be on in the morning for a bit and then back on around 6pm.
  13. Foose

    Mini-Me Statues

    Pics of the skin. And I can do full scale models or the miniature versions
  14. Foose

    Mini-Me Statues

    Just need some pictures
  15. Foose

    The Maze

    Four any one that would like to help I have 2 idea I'm going to put into effect this weekend and would love some help. Only taking 2 helpers do pm me here or in game if you wanna help
  16. Foose

    Mini-Me Statues

    How awesome are you? So awesome that someone should make a statue of you?! Because lets be honest you are that awesome. I'm here to give you a once in a life time option of getting just that. A statue of yourself outside of your house, base or even town! All I need is a picture of your in game...
  17. Foose

    The Maze

    Its called traditional beauty. it bevels the textures of the blocks. I'm sure it looks funky but it works for me. lol. Materials aye, I have lots of materials so we shall see sir
  18. Foose

    The Maze

    It's not a secret setting its a texture pack, so yes I do play with it all the time. I would love to see what you have in mind!
  19. Foose

    The Maze

    There's something new on the map for all of you to enjoy! This is the first of more to come! I would also like to take this time to call all builders with survival game ideas! I have a few of my own but a team of one isn't much of a team at all. I would like to thank @babygirl1275 and...