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  1. TheWolfsHeart

    1.14 Is here! Are we ready?

    As you are all very much aware, the gloriously buggy 1.14 update has arrived, with 1.14.1 quickly coming with a laundry list of fixes to make any large family blush in comparison. With all it's new features, and all of the new additions it's going to create to world-generation and the likes, a...
  2. TheWolfsHeart

    [Server] DDOS attack

    So, this happened [And as of this post, still is. Okay, so this IS still happening. I'm not too overly worried, but filled the chat a good 4-5 times over, and brought the chat to a .5 second delay. All n' all...Not bad at all. @fffizzz @Tercept
  3. TheWolfsHeart

    [TS] Channels Borked

    First things first, Boosted was kind enough to make a temporary fix. BUT there's a bit of an issue with the 'Misc' section of the TS server. Currently, the BSM KKK and the Music Scream channels while under the 'Misc' tag cannot be joined. An error "Max Family Reached" is given. Reason: The...
  4. TheWolfsHeart

    A Rather...Uneeded Introduction?

    As the title states, this introduction isn't entirely needed, as I'm widely known on the server. HOWEVER! For those who do not know me, let me tell you about myself. My in game name, is obviously TheWolfsHeart, though I actually go by Nicholas in actuality. Nick for short. As far as real life...
  5. TheWolfsHeart

    Farmer Basket Done.

  6. TheWolfsHeart

    Public Slime Farm

    Slimes are a rare substance to most of us here in the server. And with the changes coming in 1.8, they're about to be even more scarce. That is, without a farm of some sort. Flamingninja09 and I have created a public slime farm to get your slimeballs whenever you want. It even comes with a warp...
  7. TheWolfsHeart

    Show Off Your Skyblock

    So for those of you who've been playing on the new Skyblock server, I've gone around and seen a lot of work done on the islands that people have started. Post some pictures here to show the rest of the server what you're bringing to the table. Me, however... Everyone knows about this.