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  1. Tercept

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Hello Players of MMC!! It's that time again where we ask for feedback from the community to figure out what needs to be fixed and/or improved upon. Before anyone asks or comments about it, yes we are aware of the spawn issue. Questions: What would you like to see more of? What would you...
  2. Tercept

    Knapsacks are Here!

    Hey everyone! This week we are bringing Knapsacks into the game! These are like backpacks that you can carry around for extra inventory space! "How many are we allowed to have?" You may only own 6 knapsacks at any time. This mostly applies to those who donate since they can potentially get...
  3. Tercept

    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    We have a new plugin open for testing. If players like it and it is not gamebreaking it will stay. All players should have access to the plugin as of now except for two commands: /stb recipe (Broken atm, contacting dev) /stb rename Sensible Toolbox (hereafter referred to as STB) adds a ton...
  4. Tercept

    Pets have arrived!

    There are many new items in /shop! (our donation system) The first I would like to announce is the addition of EchoPets. Players are now able to donate to get a pet of their choice to keep them company, travel with, name, and use. For example on a pet horse: /pet...
  5. Tercept

    Design Tercept's new skin!

    Everyone! I need a new skin. 1.8 allows for so much more customization that would be awesome to have. Requirements: Must be Kingly Must be Dark colored Must be wizardly Must utilize 1.8's new customization options Must be original The winner will receive a free promotion on standard ranks...
  6. Tercept

    Holiday Sale!

    10% Off the following until New Years! Spawners La Carte items Rank Packages Chat Channels Happy Holidays from MMC!
  7. Tercept

    Small permissions change

    Hey guys, I have noticed more grief with TNT since we allowed its use. Instead of banning it we made it where players must rank up to prospect first to use it. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know below. Thanks, Tercept
  8. Tercept

    S.S.S. Snow Leopard

    The Submersible Sea Ship Snow Leopard is the first submarine of its class. The Snow Leopard is currently at port awaiting orders to traverse and protect the sea. The ship was commissioned by the Kingdom of Selonia which protects the realm from threats. The Snow Leopard was originally supposed...
  9. Tercept

    What can you sell? (Chest Shops)

    Slaves: Villager: true...
  10. Tercept

    Hero Chat channel commands

    With getting your own private channel now being a donation perk there are some things you need to know to get the most out of your channel. First off the settings the channel gets created with. The channel is created with your name being the channel name and the nickname. The player is given...
  11. Tercept

    List of all ranks available for purchase with IGM

    ranks: Slave: 0 Prospect: 750 Serf: 1875 Farmer: 2900 Villager: 4200 Mason: 6950 Journeyman: 8500 Blacksmith: 12095 Mage: 16000 Knight: 21000 Conjurer: 25500 Battle-Mage: 28095...
  12. Tercept

    Server is OPEN!

    Here is a list of some changes. /home and /tpa have been removed. This is to help keep a flowing economy and make the game a little harder. I know this is more like bad news. Citizens NPCs are back! Prebuilt towns with custom shops are implemented. Each town will have a different shop. Prices...
  13. Tercept

    Server Reset Details

    Server reset has been moved to Saturday, Nov 1, estimated time 3pm EST. We apologize for the delay but we have had multiple issues. More details to come. Post questions below.
  14. Tercept

    Exciting Changes coming your way!

    Hey everyone!! We have some exciting stuff heading your way that is going to have some big changes to the server. Starting out is I have updated the donation perks for MyMinecraft. Many of the perks were slashed in prices by at most Two thirds. Some key examples: /back costs a lot less now and...
  15. Tercept

    Regarding 1.8

    THERE WILL NOT BE ANY RESET Some valuable information can be found on reddit: The new stones can be crafted from 1.7 items (cobblestone and nether quartz), meaning we will be hesitant to regenerate chunks (as that could cause potential corruption/lag). Crafting Recipes are HERE. Name changing...
  16. Tercept

    Back to School!

    With school coming back up for most of the players I have created a sale for the event! From Tomorrow (Aug 10th) to Aug 31st there will be a 10% Discount on Rank Upgrades, Towny Plots and SPAWNERS! Thank you all for your support and if you have any suggestions please share them with us! -...
  17. Tercept

    Minecraft EULA Changes [Regards Donations]

    Mojang is releasing updated EULA terms that directly affects running a server. You can read the post here: How this affects you: We can no longer sell in game money We can no longer sell any perks that give any player an advantage...
  18. Tercept

    Rank Names have been added

    If you are not a donor you might notice a change in your prefix in game. This change is due to popular demand. The rank list used was agreed upon by some of the staff and implemented this morning. Serf Explorer Miner Settler Apprentice Trader Artisan Knight Lord Baronet Baron Viscount Count...
  19. Tercept

    Memorial Day Weekend Coupons Available!

    For Memorial Day Weekend I created coupon codes for Money packages, Spawners, and towny plots. Ask a staff member for the coupon code to use. These are the available sales. Expires 2014-05-27, 2 uses per customer 10% off any Spawners worth $10 or more. Good for 50 uses total, 5 uses per...
  20. Tercept

    Quick note about your money!

    We have encountered a problem in the database since switching to using UUIDs instead of players names... as you may have noticed your money is gone. But it's not really... Basically what happened is the database stopped using your old entry that looks like this: playername, amount of money...