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  1. lolnubs7

    Is the server having issues? I got in after about 5 minutes of trying but now people are getting...

    Is the server having issues? I got in after about 5 minutes of trying but now people are getting on and leaving almost right away o.O I've been only one on for like 10 minutes.
  2. lolnubs7

    Play PSN with Tercept and I!

    Mind if I play some GTA V with you guys? I'm 16 :c But would love to play with you guys sometime. If you want PM me your PSN name :]
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    Screenshots of what? The development console? I've tryed re-downloading client, reseting my internet, nothing's worked... The loading bar is slowly going up about every minute...
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    Does anybody know why my minecraft will not load? It gets a little bit past halfway on the loading bar and stops, it won't load...
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    I don't have a steam, my PC is crap, when I get a better computer, I will be playing more PC related games, i'll tell you my steam name when I get one though :]
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    EDIT: If you wish to stay in contact with me, or play a game with me, I have a ps3, and when I get a job will be getting a PS4, My PSN: SHocK_Eagle, send me a request then a message saying MMC, I usally play GTA V online on that account, but will occasionally play BO2, and if you're wierd and...
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    Minecraft has gotten boring, I quit for a good 6 months, came back for about 2, tried to get into it again. Just didn't work out, so i'm leaving MMC and Minecraft in general. I'll miss everybody I've met in my time on MMC, and I wish the server best of luck.
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    Equestria- for sale!

    1001 ;) JK. Rio's bid is winning at 1k I think, Lynn, sell it to him! xD
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    Oh, so everybody is getting this? :/
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  11. lolnubs7

    Faces of MyMinecraft

    Fffizzz always looks good!
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    Update forum status to Donators

    I donated, like 35$ :P
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    Faces of MyMinecraft

    I'm so awkard in photos :3
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    [BuildOff] Castle Build Off Results!

    Never got the chance to finish mine while working on the town i'm in, GL to everybody :D