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  1. TheWolfsHeart

    1.14 Is here! Are we ready?

    As you are all very much aware, the gloriously buggy 1.14 update has arrived, with 1.14.1 quickly coming with a laundry list of fixes to make any large family blush in comparison. With all it's new features, and all of the new additions it's going to create to world-generation and the likes, a...
  2. TheWolfsHeart

    Allowing PVP and stealing to a degree. (Read the post in full first).

    If you can think of something to encourage people to look at rules, that'll be wonderful You are correct in the sense that locking chests seems a bit pointless with the 'no stealing' rule. HOWEVER, as we know, people don't read. This leads to them doing as they wish [as they often do], and steal...
  3. TheWolfsHeart

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    It's very good English m'dude. I've already started working on building portion, as you're well aware. PVP Arenas are already planned, and I don't see how it'd be difficult to make a 'clan' battle work along with that. PVP AREAS are also becoming a thing, and will alert you as you enter...
  4. TheWolfsHeart

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    I'm with DJ on this one. Never hurts to plan ahead, but at the same time I like the idea of bringing the server back to the mainstream again. A Waterworld where people can basically go nuts and do whatever they want, would surely be awesome to witness. Maybe keep it a bit hands-off except for...
  5. TheWolfsHeart

    The possibilities are worth mentioning.

    Eh, I run a GTX Titan Z that's liquid cooled with mountain dew and has a cooling block made of Doritium. So your ferarri powered shit can get out! I get an outstanding 47 FPS! In all seriousness, with my GTX 760 OR my 750ti, I get an average of 60 towards the beginning of the the world's...
  6. TheWolfsHeart

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to get this processor: Good idea? Or bad? My motherboard is already AMD, so I'm unfortunately stuck with that unless I pay more...
  7. TheWolfsHeart


    I'm game! No reason for it not to be here! Granted, not many people used it in the past, but eh..I say give it a shot :D
  8. TheWolfsHeart

    Rei's Minimap

    Just stating: Even if you were to get Rei's Minimap for 1.8, you wouldn't be able to use it since it'd take Forge. Forge currently has a bug in it where you cannot connect to 1.8 Bungie servers [aka what we're using] and it'll say something along the lines of "Could not connect to Bungie [World]...
  9. TheWolfsHeart

    A horrendous announcement

    Oh shit man...I feel for you. :C We'll miss our Swiffer-Mop that painted happy little trees
  10. TheWolfsHeart

    An inevitable end.

    That should do it. It seems it's also partially linked to booting from the disc first, as opposed to the HD. Try pressing F8 or F2 when you start your PC, to get to the boot menu.
  11. TheWolfsHeart

    More "off topic" sub forums?

    C-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER! Shuuuun!
  12. TheWolfsHeart

    More "off topic" sub forums?

    Do et!
  13. TheWolfsHeart

    An inevitable end.

    Reinstalling Windows help at all for the not-so-dead pc?
  14. TheWolfsHeart

    Knapsacks are Here!

    I can remove it myself, just not wanting to since I do have things in it. :P
  15. TheWolfsHeart

    An inevitable end.

    But Sush1... D: Mah brotha!
  16. TheWolfsHeart

    Knapsacks are Here!

    Tried it. Screams at me saying "This knapsack isn't lost!" Or something similar, and to try /ks list or /ks port. /ks list shows said knapsack, shows it has an inventory, but also shows it's not on me. Meanwhile, /ks port, whatever that is...No access.
  17. TheWolfsHeart

    Knapsacks are Here!

    Yea, that was me derping. Also, apparently when you die with a knapsack, they become unable to be picked up again, or at least finding them is impossible. Died earlier, was brought back to my death spot. Lo-and-behold, no knapsacks to be found. Thankfully I was able to delete my x18, but the x9...
  18. TheWolfsHeart

    Knapsacks are Here!

    Got an issue with the perms here, apparently can't make these 'six knapsacks' you speak of. I can craft 1 x9, 1 x18, but no more. Anything else says "You will exceed the allowable knapsacks for that size!"
  19. TheWolfsHeart

    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    Man...My earliest memory that was a community thing was when I first actually started chatting on the server, and after befriending Howard [Rest his MMC soul] he decided to give me VIP upon that day. Beta 1.8, oh the glorious times. However, I've been around for some time before that :P
  20. TheWolfsHeart

    Open Beta Testing of a New Plugin

    As much as I love the idea of having an in-game NEI, it's a bit more overly complicated then just downloading Forge and doing it that way. Of course, I know that not everyone can download it / wants to download it, and that's fine. But with plugins like this, it does actually take away from the...