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  1. VasegaardOP

    See you later!

    So as some of you know, im taking a break after today, not only from the server, but from minecraft in general. Im gonna miss all of you, but theres a couple of guys, that i love more than anyone else on the server, that I wanna say a special thanks and bye too. First @icecosmicuprise. I...
  2. VasegaardOP

    Help me :c

    So i was playing on the server, when suddenly my Minecraft crashed, since then i havnt been able to play Minecraft because it keeps crashing when i try to open it.. :c This is what it says:
  3. VasegaardOP

    On the quest for a tressure...

    So i had this idea to make a quest.. A quest for Tressure. To find this tressure you have to follow these steps Closely We will start our quest at @LordDiabloeye 's arena close to spawn (x200, z200) Then you will have to get wet feet, as you have to go south and cross the river. Continue...
  4. VasegaardOP


    So when i joined about a year ago, we had a creative map on here, you could simply do /server creative, and you would be in another map in creative world. would any of you guys like to have that again?
  5. VasegaardOP

    Spawners be gone

    So i went to Riverside, to kill some animals for food, when i realized all the spawners was gone/broken, and the pens was left with a hole in the grass, anyone knows why this is?
  6. VasegaardOP

    First to get the dog's head!

    Its a real honor to be the first one ever (Both before and after the reset) to get @TheWolfsHeart's player head 100% legit.
  7. VasegaardOP

    Sleeping on a server

    So, now that we reset, theres alot of people playing on, and thats good and all, but when theres 24 people on at the same time, its kinda hard to get everyone to sleep, some migth be afk, some migth not even have a bed, and thats annoying for people that wanna sleep. So i got an idea by watching...
  8. VasegaardOP

    Players have been 'reset'

    So i logged on earlier and i was standing in spawn, with the starter kit in my inventory, my /nick and /home was gone my items in my enderchest are gone, so i lost 20 dia blocks and my enchanted picks also all my money is gone, now i wasnt very rich, but some people migth have lost thousands...
  9. VasegaardOP

    Can't sleep?

    So i was on with Ynefpavlov the yesterday, it turned nigth so we tried to sleep, we were the only people online but it didnt let us turn it daytime..? And then today i was on alone and tried to sleep, still didnt let me turn it to daytime! Can you please fix this? :) -Vase
  10. VasegaardOP

    Pistons is broken! Fix ur server, Fffizzz :c

    So i found out pistons would'nt push more than 2 blocks, when i was trying to make a door, kinda hard to make a 4x4 door when pistons only push 2 blocks! Fix this bug please! :)
  11. VasegaardOP


    Could'nt it be awesome if there was UHC like once a month? Like w here people from the server get togetter and play UHC If you dont know what UHC is heres the basics: Survivial PVP With no regen, Last man standing. Rules: Regenpotions(1&2) and Strenghpotions(2) Are banned. Now, this is a 'mini...