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  1. royfi

    Idea's Tips and Input!

    Personally I also would like to get some channel system back, like a market channel, language channels , general chat etc. Perhaps some bonuses to specific jobs if you hit certain milestones, for example less levels needed to enchant for enchanter, or getting an extra % change of getting some...
  2. royfi

    not able to ride an Enderdragon

    Yesterday I donated for the EnderdragonPack (10 dollars, summoning and ability to ride). However, I still can not ride it, I do not have the permissions for this, can someone help me with this?
  3. royfi

    Weekly newsletter?

    I would love to see a news letter, reading what happened on the server and stuff like that
  4. royfi

    unable to login

    I am in too
  5. royfi

    unable to login

    hello fellow mmc'ers, I cannot log in anymore on the server, everytime I try it I get the following message: "error occured while contacting login servers, are they down?" Is this a problem on my end or not, and if so how can I fix this?
  6. royfi


    my favourites are and will always be I8snoopy8I, Fffizzz and Rodtang. my first few days on mmc where horrible, after being whitelisted something went wrong and I weren't allowed to speak, move. my only way of communicating was via the forums or by /modreq , after having some arguments with...
  7. royfi


    I am like the title says also back on MMC, I hope it will be as much fun, or even more fun than the last time I played on the server so expect to see me online again at the server
  8. royfi

    Official thread of debatedness

    just start the debate
  9. royfi

    Bionannas' Mod ideas

    make a mod so you can use lapis for more stuff then just dying sheeps or whool
  10. royfi

    Help cant do anything

    i am stuck and can't do anything no building, no destroying, no killing i have even no perms to do /modreq please help me