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    Welcome to Chrysinople.
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    Super CIty

    Welcome to Super City.
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    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone. And a Merry New Year
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    So this 10 min wait, seems to be overkill. Can we lower this to like 2-3 mins?
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    It seems like it's time for me to come back to the server. So I guess I'm gonna come back :)
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    Hey All,

    Forgot to make the announcement a few months ago, I'm back home. Back to the weekend warrior fun. lol Sorry for not tell you all when I returned I've made a few appearances here and there and played on the FTB server. But live is back to being life, work and pay bills. Miss you all. Peppy
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    Contest Time!

    Alright guys/gals, I have been waiting for quite some time to post this. Its time for me to host a contest. Now this is not your normal contest, you know me I like different :D Ok down to details, there is no losers... One 1st place winner, everyone else is second place :D So there should be...
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    just got a psvita. anyone have one
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    Hey guys.

    Hey all. Just wanted to inform you. I graduate basic training Thursday. Feel free to check out on facebook. "Alpha co 2-47 " I'll talk to you all very soon. Miss you. 10 weeks of hell over :)
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    Lets play with some riddles.

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    1000 posts

    :o Geez thought I would never reach this. 4 more post :D
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    Town coming soon

    MrTatish1 and I are going to make a town Name is still under discussion. Anyone want to join us post an app here
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    4 pictures 1 word. help?

    Can only use the given letters.
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    I think I'm going to go deer hunting this year for my first time. Yes ive never been. Sad I know. With that being said 1st got to do the hunter saftey class 2nd I need a gun. What would be a decent hunting rifle under or near 500. I was looking around and found Remington Model 770 Stainless Camo
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    New texture pack

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    My Current build for my house of home!!!

    Well this is what I have been waiting for, for a while now. Finally my new system is in and Ready!!! So smac1818 and I finally started on my build!! This is what we have done so far!
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    Screen shot

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    Monsterirc Tercept
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    Peppys Puppy

    Here's a few pictures of my noicey puppy on team speak