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  1. Tercept

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    I tried ro backup what I could. I have most schematics as well which i will be uploading tonight.
  2. Tercept

    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    My Dungeon Teaser The First Winner of Dungeon @bingbong2715 and I testing a new world with dear @fffizzz @ftblplaya9207 on top of my flag in Atlantis I redecorated @Gerrit8500 's ftbl torture chamber while he was gone. . May the staff of old RIP Small part of Atlantis...
  3. Tercept

    Help me :c

    -Xmx2G -Xmn512M Make sure those two options are enabled on your profile. Also make sure you have enough RAM available to launch minecraft... Always the easiest solution is to try turning it off and on again.
  4. Tercept

    Feedback Time (again)!

    No admins have never said voting doesn't help. We just say we don't get enough votes. There are plenty of mods that add to the vanilla feel of the games. Look up Mo Creatures and Biomes O Plenty for instance.
  5. Tercept

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Too unsurvival for my tastes tbh. But if the players want it then they will get it. We wont be doing anything until a vast amount of players have voiced their opinions.
  6. Tercept

    Feedback Time (again)!

    I too am disappointed about this. Our Content team was supposed to be working on this. I'll see what happened to this progress.
  7. Tercept

    Feedback Time (again)!

    For those interested in playing modded minecraft, please create a list of what you would like to see. I have already setup a forge server with Biomes O Plenty and Mo Creatures (1.7.10). If we want expand on this, there needs to be a lot of interest and activity for it. The last few times we...
  8. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    I don't know much about AMD. All I know is that they make great processors if your applications support multi threading/cores. An 8 core looks good to have but could you get a 4 core at a much higher clock speed at around the same price?
  9. Tercept

    Feedback Time (again)!

    Hello Players of MMC!! It's that time again where we ask for feedback from the community to figure out what needs to be fixed and/or improved upon. Before anyone asks or comments about it, yes we are aware of the spawn issue. Questions: What would you like to see more of? What would you...
  10. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    Yes and no. You will have to use a program called WINE. They all don't work either. Windows games do not natively work on linux.
  11. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    It has a Graphical User Interface but it is NOT microsoft windows.
  12. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    The majority of games are made for Windows. You can be limiting your future gaming experiences by using a less supported/used OS. That being said, linux is far less resource intensive and has a lot of community support and free software for it.
  13. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    I suggest Ubuntu or ElementaryOS. You could also use CentOS
  14. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

    Better Build:
  15. Tercept

    Swift's New Desktop PC!

  16. Tercept

    A horrendous announcement

    That sucks. Hopefully insurance covers the costs soon.
  17. Tercept

    New Donation Idea

    Problem: I can't restrict color choices and giving colors might also give the special characters. I have thought about this before but decided against it.
  18. Tercept

    An inevitable end.

    Get well.
  19. Tercept

    Knapsacks are Here!

    Looking into it but you should be able to recover them. /ks recover [id] (player)