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  1. Drakivaz

    1.8 seed for an Underwater Temple

    Hey Guys, On a total whim, I decided to generate a 1.8 single player world. I think the seed I picked is a super-secret seed or something. Perhaps it's just dumb luck, but this seed generated a world with 4 little islands surrounded by an immense ocean, and an underwater temple just to the...
  2. Drakivaz

    Totally against raising the price of Miner's Haste

    Just putting this out there: The price of Miner's Haste just got raised from 250 to 1500 without much prior announcement (i.e., I only found out about it after I placed a block and noticed half my Zingas were gone). I've heard that the reason for this was to stop people from gaming MCMMO's...
  3. Drakivaz

    Fort Blackwall and The Town of Mercy

    Hi guys, Just posting these pics of my area in the world. Built a nice fort and a villager town. Enjoy.
  4. Drakivaz

    The dream of Asgard

    Hi Everyone, So, I left the server for now, but I am working on some stuff with editors and in single player creative. I still want to make Asgard, so I have started doing it over there. Here's some teaser pics of Asgard (as I originally envisioned it), it's about 30% complete.
  5. Drakivaz

    Going the way of the Orjis

    Hi everyone, In recent days for me, playing Minecraft on MMC has become more of a burden than a way of relaxing. Having to mine and keep up with other towns when my idea for a town (Asgard) was so abstract and having to participate in gameplay mechanics (enhanced by addons that focus on...
  6. Drakivaz

    Town upkeep tiers

    Hello, Could someone please enlighten me as to what the tiers are for town upkeep. I passed 6 town members and my town's daily upkeep tripled. While I can make that kind of money, it's just shocking that the jump was that much. I know this much so far: In terms of Town members = upkeep...
  7. Drakivaz

    The formation of Asgard

    Hi everyone, Me, Bobs_outhouse, The_Natester1999, and xMrManx have banded together to build a great floating city which will be called Asgard. We're still working on getting the $$ down for the official towny side of it, but if you're interested in helping with the construction, contact me...
  8. Drakivaz

    Server Wide Road In-Progress

    Hi everyone. I have done the basic outlining for a server-wide road that will have integrated rail tracks underneath it. The road (once complete) connects the edge of the no-build zone at the spawn with Kingslanding and Valhalla and contains one railroad junction for switching between KL and VH...