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  1. SuperZachlee3000

    Giant Tree

    Behold...the giant wood block of justice!
  2. SuperZachlee3000

    MMC In my own room!

    Thought this article was really interesting, check it out! :D
  3. SuperZachlee3000

    Merry Christmas to all from Super!

    ^ <3 :D :)
  4. SuperZachlee3000

    My new town: Super City

    Hey guys, I have yet made a third town called Super City. It is a great town and it is going well so far. I have planned to make this town bigger and better than any of my last towns and tonight I will be releasing it for the public to join! If you are a new or returning member of New SuperTown...
  5. SuperZachlee3000

    Thank you MMC!

    So if you didn't already know this is a little late notice but yesterday was my one year anniversary with MMC. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making MMC fun for me! Thank you to the players, thank you to the staff and thank you fffizzz. I really love this server and hope to be able...
  6. SuperZachlee3000

    Happy Birthday Kobra671!

    Happy birthday to my bro Kobra671! You have been one of my bestest friends on here and helped me with whatever I needed so have a great 14th birthday man. ;)
  7. SuperZachlee3000

    Happy Birthday Rio_Fickle!

    Happy birthday to our Vet Mod, Rio_Fickle! Here is your song for today :D
  8. SuperZachlee3000

    Super's Ice Cold Shop!

    Hello! I have re-built my shop at the player market! Before I got lazy and never stocked it but now it is stocked and better than ever with nice prices! It is the 3rd one down on right! -SuperZachLee3000
  9. SuperZachlee3000

    New Super Town

    I would like to announce that as of yesterday I have opened New SuperTown to the public! Our staff as of now is: Mayor: SuperZachLee3000, Co-Mayor: 5_heavy, Town Administrator: LON3_RANG3R. We have lost a lot of members and we would like to gain more back. We are allied with Sealand, Fallorth...
  10. SuperZachlee3000

    Too many packets (extreme lag?) Bug

    Hello I was trying to log in this morning and I wasn't able to. All that happened is that I lagged then 2 seconds later got kicked. After I got kicked it told me "Too many packets (extreme lag?)"I am not sure how this happened. I was thinking it was my shader packets but I restarted my minecraft...
  11. SuperZachlee3000

    Spawners in the Adminshop

    Hello I have an idea for another item in the adminshop. I think we should add spawners. But the spawners would be ridiculous prices. The spawners could be only animal mobs such as pigs and sheep. For example a cow spawner for 80,000 in game money. I think it would be nice to add it to the...
  12. SuperZachlee3000


    Hey, I have been wanting to say something about the shops. I feel like not a lot of people like to use them because of the lag and I totally agree. I wish to use my shop but all the lag is really annoying. I have heard that item frames mostly cause it. My suggestion is to limit the amount of...
  13. SuperZachlee3000


    I think that the wither boss spawner should be replaced with a skeleton spawner. It would be easier to control and better because you could just put it in the nether and have a chance to get skulls when you use it. It would also make it challenging. And if someone wanted to, they could just have...
  14. SuperZachlee3000

    Letting Players Vote

    I think that players should have their own voting forum because other players have good ideas. I also think it would help the server to get other peoples ideas than the staff. I respect all staff but I just think that players should have a role in choosing. Also here is a pole to if you think...
  15. SuperZachlee3000

    Need Help?

    Hey guys, I am not working on any builds at the moment and I am just looking for stuff to do so if you need any help just msg me I would be glad to help :)
  16. SuperZachlee3000

    What pizza do you like?

    Hey its Super and I got something to say, what kind of pizza would you eat everyday?
  17. SuperZachlee3000

    Players Inactive

    Hello I have been noticing lately that the amount of players and staff has been decreasing. I feel that there should be more staff on because of players griefing, xraying and doing bad stuff in general. I've heard that you guys have been playing feed the beast too. I am not trying to be rude and...
  18. SuperZachlee3000

    SuperTown Updates

    Hey guys just wanted to let to know that I am in progress of building another housing section of my town. I am going to make it available to everyone within a week or 2 so if you want you can go check it out. I am excepting emerald donations so I can place another city block so it would be a big...
  19. SuperZachlee3000

    Facebook Page

    Hey guys I thought to help advertise the server I could make a facebook page. Don't mind the 2 t's because myminecraft was already taken, heres the link: -XxSuperxX