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  1. Drakivaz

    New mobs?

    Wall-o-feedback: If i get some time I might try to submit to that. I'm not sure I want as much danger as Fdrandel, though. I play minecraft to build, not to get ganked. I like the orcs/inferno spiders being kinda the top of what we see on main. I think the nether wraiths are basically on...
  2. Drakivaz

    1.14 Is here! Are we ready?

    I agree with Steven on the maps, but I could go either way on the resources. I have absurd amounts of things squirreled away, and I didn't really organize them well - so maybe a fresh start would be good. On the other hand, it's soooo much stuff. Will skyblock builds stay from version to...
  3. Drakivaz

    Nether Travel. A basic guide

    Your crosslinking instructions don't totally prevent crosslinking to my knowledge. After step 2, you have to destroy your portal on the nether side to break the link. Then, at the end, you have to go back through the portal while standing on as close to the coords/8 as possible (down to the...
  4. Drakivaz

    what did you think of the tree spawn in the last map?

    I vote for my Geofront Spawn! What? It's not an option? Well it should be! :P
  5. Drakivaz


    How about using the Geofront Spawn I put together and sent to Terc/the other worldbuilders? Anyone who wants a look at the work I've done on a possible spawn, I'm making it publicly available. Grassroots movement! All the spawn needs is a player market, admin shop, and a few other buildings...
  6. Drakivaz


    Nether portals are completely controllable if you know how to make them work. Just clear a space in the overworld, divide X and Z by 8, find those coords in the nether at the same Y, and make a portal out of the nether. It will appear within 8 blocks or so of where you made the overworld area...
  7. Drakivaz

    Update to 1.8 items

    I sent in an almost completed Geofront. Hoping that the Geofront gets used as the Start Zone or perhaps as a portal world. It still needs some more structures down in it like a player market and perhaps a PvP arena or other various buildings. It also needs the surface structures built...
  8. Drakivaz

    Update to 1.8 items

    hope my build has helped!
  9. Drakivaz

    Players have been 'reset'

    While my inventories are gone, my PS fields seems to still recognize me as me.
  10. Drakivaz

    ETA on reset?

    Totally got an awesome idea for a start zone. Check your PMs, Terc
  11. Drakivaz

    1.8 seed for an Underwater Temple

    Original source: I got the "us" and "up" backwards from the original meme in the seed, but the seed is correct for generating the level I described. I just checked it again.
  12. Drakivaz

    1.8 seed for an Underwater Temple

    Hey Guys, On a total whim, I decided to generate a 1.8 single player world. I think the seed I picked is a super-secret seed or something. Perhaps it's just dumb luck, but this seed generated a world with 4 little islands surrounded by an immense ocean, and an underwater temple just to the...
  13. Drakivaz

    Microsoft to buy Minecraft

    Notch's personal post: Yes, Notch broke his ties with Minecraft and made a hell of a lot of money doing it. I think he deserves the money that he made for all of the entertainment he has provided us with the concept he kicked off all those years ago...
  14. Drakivaz

    I met David Tennant.

    Awesomeness. I made a copy of his coat and suits from the show once by hand. (they turned out really well and won several awards too)
  15. Drakivaz

    1.8 Suggestion Thread

    If you map reset, I would steal every admin and mod's kidneys for sale on the black market if the Geofront did not get ported over as part of the reset. :P
  16. Drakivaz

    A moment of recognition. September 4th 2014

    Aww, I didn't make the list either. I'ma go pout in a corner.
  17. Drakivaz

    Totally against raising the price of Miner's Haste

    I still wonder if it is possible to throttle MCMMO, rather than making the price increase so drastic. It's making infrequent players suffer for the sake of controlling hardcore players. In the end, all I care about in the field is the mining haste, so perhaps certain properties of the field...
  18. Drakivaz

    Totally against raising the price of Miner's Haste

    Just putting this out there: The price of Miner's Haste just got raised from 250 to 1500 without much prior announcement (i.e., I only found out about it after I placed a block and noticed half my Zingas were gone). I've heard that the reason for this was to stop people from gaming MCMMO's...
  19. Drakivaz

    Minecraft EULA Changes [Regards Donations]

    Adding one more: Server Power Level (an expansion on the donation goals idea) - The server has a running power level. $1 donated = X power points. Power points decline at a given rate/day figured based on the cost of running the server. At given power point levels (Over 9000, for example and...
  20. Drakivaz

    Minecraft EULA Changes [Regards Donations]

    I am a bit cheered by how notch put things: TL;DR, he said the EULA was more stringent before, but was not enforced. They are making it less stringent, but will be enforcing it now (good luck pulling that off, Mojang). In any case, let's...