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  1. sush1jed1

    An inevitable end.

    So, here it is, my final goodbye. I'm returning my laptop to cover medical expenses. Bai.
  2. sush1jed1

    My first and last Introduction on MMC

    Hello boys and girls, gather 'round for a tale of mundane proportions. My name is KC, more commonly know as sush1jed1, Slushie, Faust, Azrael, etc etc etc... Starting in my humble beginnings of Minecraft in the early parts of 2011, I was an admin/co-owner of a few "classic" minecraft servers...
  3. sush1jed1

    Official Wallpaper Thread

    It's that time again folks, I am in need of new graphics. You know the rules: No obscenities Can't be NSFW Can't be NSFW Did I mention it can't be NSFW?
  4. sush1jed1

    What do I do when I'm not online?

    "What does Sush do other than MMC?" you asked... So I reply with this.... As some of the very unlucky of you already know.... I'm a huge fan of explosives... Not those wussy style mods with "Nukes" or "Napalm".... I'm talkin' about the big stuff.
  5. sush1jed1

    A nostalgic picture that shed many manly tears Who here remembers that? Those were the old times of the four worlds... NoobLand WaterWorld PvE Creative (<---Dat Rainbow Font) Good times. And did I mention WhiteListed?
  6. sush1jed1

    Since I've never done a formal introduction

    My Wiki Page. ;D
  7. sush1jed1

    Iceland - SOLD

    Indeed, I am selling my prized island. Asking price is 1.5K and a bag of chips. <---- That's where they be. Features: -I can pseudo-guarantee there are spawners in the area. (Each of which I will set up a grinder for for the asking price of 200z each) -There...