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  1. Boosted_FG2

    Essential signs Or Chestshop which do you prefer?

    Have been getting complaints about how the essential signs work and why we switched. This thread is to get everyone's opinion on which Shop chest's they would like to continue using. I'm personally fond of the chest shop due to its simplicity. You can use item id's and the chest shop will rename...
  2. Boosted_FG2

    Bigger City Plot Blocks

    So ive been really looking for a better alternative to making bigger city plot blocks. The quartz ore that is currently used is ok for some cases but I find myself having to give users 4-5 quartz ore plot blocks just so they can build a house bigger than a double wide trailer lol. Or giving...
  3. Boosted_FG2

    fizzz's new way to make villys!

    Rio had us tp last night to see this new villy breeding process. I thought it was video worthy lol