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  1. fffizzz

    General Thread to discuss new things in 1.14.x

    This thread will serve as a way to communicate about the changes we've put into the server for 1.14.x. This includes lower number of homes, removal of fly and other things not so obvious. What would you change? What do you like? What do you dislike?
  2. fffizzz

    The new BossBar Compass

    This is for discussions on the new compass and whether or not you like it? Does it belong on our server? It marks the server spawn, your last death point and your home/bed.
  3. fffizzz

    1.14.x Spawn Discussion

    This thread is for discussion and coordination related to the new spawn on the new map. Currently, the favorite seed is live on the test server.
  4. fffizzz

    Suggestions on Build Contest and anything else you guys wanna see changed/added/removed?!

    Hey guys, looking to start another build challenge. I'd like to do them more frequently. Unfortunately, I didn't see the success of Island Cabin with the Medieval challenge recently. I had a couple ideas, but this time I'm lookin to you all to help sway the decision more. What would you want to...
  5. fffizzz

    Item Selling now live

    I thought about simply using sell If you go to spawn, near the exit you will see the sell shrine. I used those blocks as contract so you can easily and clearly see the hologram item. Right click sign below to sell the items in your hand.
  6. fffizzz

    New medieval themed build challenge is up!

    /warp buildc Pick a plot, you can built in one plot and you may overhang only to the stone brick border (ie: roof overhang). Place a sign to show its yours and get building. Prize: 10k first place, 5k second place. Ends next sunday, have fun!
  7. fffizzz

    New legendary mobs appearing in the wild underground!

    New legendary creatures have started to pop up in the deep underground of the survival server. These range from orcs to wraiths and even other odd creatures! We need you to suit up and go hunt them down before they take over the entire overworld! Be cautious, reports indicate that some of these...
  8. fffizzz

    IslandCabin / Sunday Funday Project!

    /warp islandcabin Find yourself a small open spot, preferably near the water (doesn't have to be!) and build a cozy little cabin. Hoping to get everyone to make a little home on this fun little island! Let's see what you guys can do! Have fun! Best cabin gets 5000 cash and 5 special MMC Diamonds
  9. fffizzz

    SkyBlock is now live!

    When you're in the survival world, you can do /server skyblock to enter the SkyBlock server. Once there, right click on the sign, or type /is to get started. When you're done, you can type /survival and be returned to the main world. I've also made some changes to the tab menu of whos online, I...
  10. fffizzz

    We're officially on new hardware!

    We completed our move to the new server this morning. I'm honestly surprised how well the previous one did as it was just a little VPS. We're now no longer limited by things like memory, diskspace, etc. I've already gotten the proxy setup, running (transparent to you all), this allows us to do...
  11. fffizzz

    What's new this month at MMC?

    We have lots of new things to do and improvements to general game play. I won't highlight everything in this post as a lot is still a work in progress, but this should at least help with some of the new stuff that you can use right now. 1. Mine entire veins in one shot! Simply crouch/sneak...
  12. fffizzz

    Any volunteers for some spawn building?

    Looking for a couple people to help create an epic spawn. If you're interested, let me know and we will organize some building. Worldedit can be used to speed things up..
  13. fffizzz

    Updated server to 1.13.2

    CHANGES IN 1.13.2 Improved performance of upgrading worlds Improved startup time Improved performance of turtle pathfinding Improved mob spawning performance General other performance improvements MC-134115 - Containers next to chunk borders can lose items when upgrading MC-91621 - Mobs...
  14. fffizzz

    Direction of server, what worlds/types would you personally like?

    I'm enjoying the simple nature of the server at the moment, but I know simplicity only lasts so long. Worlds: --- Spawn (newbs spawn in the hub world, also used to go to other places) --- Survival --- ??? Easy enough to setup multi world configuration again. Just not sure what everyone wants.
  15. fffizzz

    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    If you think you have what it takes as a talented builder, than this post is for you. The goal of this team is to continually add new content to our server for users and new users a like to enjoy. There are not any set "rules" as far as what you guys are to do and as such, we want/expect you to...
  16. fffizzz

    More "off topic" sub forums?

    Since we tend to spend a bit of time on the forums, I was thinking a small restructure was in order. Perhaps add some new categories (ie: gaming) and sub forums for other popular games we're all into. Since the vast majority of us play way more than just MC, it could be a useful idea to talk...
  17. fffizzz

    New theme is live...

    I expect to make some tweaks as the days come and go, but I wanted to get it out there. We've had red for WAY to long and needed a facelift. There is some really cool things about this theme which you'll discover as you play around. I have a ticket open with the dev to fix post ratings as they...
  18. fffizzz

    Lets talk Mini Games..

    In the recent weeks not only has our population slowly been growing, but there's also been a lot of talks about MiniGames. There are a TON of good minigames out there, but how do we determine which ones are right for us? Unfortunately, without some programmers who can make custom plugins for us...
  19. fffizzz

    Weekly newsletter?

    I feel as if sometimes we (as a server) don't communicate enough with our users. Would anyone be opposed to receiving a weekly perhaps bi-weekly letter just letting you know how things are going? What we're thinking, etc? For those who don't want to receive this, you can turn off email from...
  20. fffizzz

    Wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy new year!

    If you're staying home like me, you're already being safe! Have a wonderful new year, don't party "too" hard. Hope to see you all again in 2015!