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    MMC Nostalgia Thread

    here are some of my screenshots from the server
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    Just looking to get an idea of interest in Prison / OP Prison?

    im game, i have got borred with the standard play style. it would be a exciting change, maybe bring some life back to the server.
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    Major Server Upgrade Coming Soon!

    With this is there any chance of getting a public feed the beast server up and going?
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    Introducing MMC Feed The Beast "Mindcrack"

    Application for White Listing: Name: Jamie IGN (In Game Name): Robowarrior834 Age:19 Months on Server:i joined, back befor we had teamspeak, and so on. Vouches:probaly deadkill02 What is your experience with Tekkit/Feed the Beast? I have played tekkit for quite some time, and a little framilier...