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  1. icecosmicuprise

    Lag/Skipping Problems.

    Okay so for the past couple of weeks i have noticed something that bugs me a lot. When ever i am on a minecart, and a horse i tend to lag/skip i would be able to move fine for a couple of seconds then it would freeze on me then i would move 3-4 blocks ahead. Same goes with minecarts. At first i...
  2. icecosmicuprise

    Server Lag

    Okay so I've been getting a lot of server lag for the past couple of weeks now. When i die it takes about 20-30 seconds to open up a chest, chat, Etc. When i go in and out of the nether i have the same problem aslo when i first log in i have it as well. I'm not for sure if its just me but i have...
  3. icecosmicuprise

    Help new people out with homes

    ok so this is my idea u know who like new people join the server and they want to join a town/city right away kinda and most of the time people say no cause they don't trust new people at first how bout we build like a house kinda place for new people to start out cause some of the reason why...
  4. icecosmicuprise

    Picture time with friends

  5. icecosmicuprise

    i have a idea where the shops should be at

    hey my idea is that u know people build shops around the server and stuff about adding a command like/shop and like it would tp them to a place the mods would make and stuff also if u wanted to make a shop there like u could be a plot or something like that for so much space instead of shops...
  6. icecosmicuprise

    i have a idea for x-mas for the server because its coming up

    now what my idea is their will be tons of placed chests like in room or something and the mods call us in one at a time and we get to pick one random chests and that is are x-mas present now I have no idea where u would do this and the mods get to decide what stuff to put in the chest that we...
  7. icecosmicuprise

    and mini games

    like you know how people donate for hat and fly and other stuff like that maybe you could make a portal to some fun mini games for who have donated to the server all ready and maybe by doing this more people might donate to play mini games on the server but just a idea for the server
  8. icecosmicuprise

    i cant connect to

    for some reson a can not connect i dont know why i have tried restarting my pc and minecraft i tried the other server its just this server i can connect to others i got teamspeak and now it does not work and yes i have deleted ts and minecraft and restored booth and it does not work so yeah if u...