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  1. Foose

    Feeling Lucky?

    It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Mesa Casino! In this casino you will find 4 games. Each one uses a different kind of payment and gives out a different prize. You can win Iron, Diamonds, Diamond/Emerald Ore, and our house prize is a beacon!!!!! Feel free to drop on by and...
  2. Foose

    Welcome to the New Spawn

    Well guys New Spawn is here and a couple things are headed your way as well! There are new shop plots and the introduction of Mega Plots at spawn. If you had a shop at spawn you will be able to pick which area you want for your new plot. It will be first come first serve so act fast! We have...
  3. Foose

    Mini-Me Statues

    How awesome are you? So awesome that someone should make a statue of you?! Because lets be honest you are that awesome. I'm here to give you a once in a life time option of getting just that. A statue of yourself outside of your house, base or even town! All I need is a picture of your in game...
  4. Foose

    The Maze

    There's something new on the map for all of you to enjoy! This is the first of more to come! I would also like to take this time to call all builders with survival game ideas! I have a few of my own but a team of one isn't much of a team at all. I would like to thank @babygirl1275 and...
  5. Foose

    The New Shop Signs

    As you all know we took out Shop Chest and added in Essential Signs. What this post is going to do is hopefully show you how they work So the 2 signs we will be using are Trade signs and the Disposal sign. Setting up these sign are relatively simple once you get the format down. For Disposal...
  6. Foose

    Resolved /scoreboard keep

    Not a huge problem but I cant use /scoreboard keep. It hits me with "you do not have permissions for this command. please contact an administrator."
  7. Foose

    Fallen Present?

    Seems Santa dropped a present while passing over the north. Who knows what could be inside? Gold? Diamonds? Lapis? If you find the present take a screenshot of you and your new swag Merry Christmas Everyone!! ~Foose
  8. Foose

    Mines of Moria

    We Dwarves are short and wide in stature. We tend to be rather dull, solitary and stubborn. But what we lack in kindness and generosity, we make up with our mining and smithing skills. It was from these skills that we turned the innards of a mountain into a the mines you see before you today...
  9. Foose

    Happy Holidays Everyone

    I know it's a tad early but I just wanted to tell everyone happy holidays. In celebration I made you guys a little gift just out side of Riverside next to the big red bed. I hope you all enjoy! :) ~Foose P.s. - you may experience redstone lag, so you might have to play it a couple times
  10. Foose


    Well I figured that people would have suggestions for quests so here ya go. It would be nice if the quest text was a different color from the default NPC text(neon green). I didn't realize that my quest was completed because it blended with the other NPC text.
  11. Foose

    Moria Thanks Dwa

    I would like to Thank Dwa for a great opportunity to work with him. Moria is forever in your debt
  12. Foose


    So after I had acquired over 4200 coins I tried to rank up but I am hit with the "you are not allowed to rank up". I currently have somewhere around 6800 coins and confused as to why I can't rank. Is it possible that the coins you get from donating aren't a loud to be used toward ranking? Any...
  13. Foose


    Hey Guys, I've gone over to North Pass and some of the merchants don't work for me. I can't talk to Bob, Olivia, and the glass merchant. I have logged in and out throughout the day and have gone back and forth from the shops with the same outcome. I don't know if anyone else is having this...