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  1. dwa1275

    Hello Everyone (New Server)

    Hello everyone, Its been some time from my last post. As some of you may know, myself and Boosted_FG2 have Started a server to continue on from MMC, With most of the same friends you have come to know and many new player's, we have got the server just about to 100%, and it is ready to join as...
  2. dwa1275

    Name change

    As some of you have noticed, you are now able to change your minecraft name, you can once every 30 days, But if you decide to change your name please consider this, you will loose all your items in your inventory, you will be blocked from your own ps, you will not be part of a town, you will...
  3. dwa1275

    Tercept's Dragon

    The dragon that tercept spawned about 2 weeks ago has been found, and defeated,
  4. dwa1275

    TIME TO MOVE (update)

    So we have got a new map up and running, so now you may ask, what do I need to do. First of all, we will copy you builds, and chests at the time we move you. Second, we will be working with players one on one, so when your turn is up, we will contact you, and work with you to move over, so DO...
  5. dwa1275


    It has come to our attention that a lot of players are having issues with the current world not with the way it looks but lag, outdated world, no mineshafts, no water temples, massive unusual ores in the world and simply none of the cool 1.8 stuff. This kills the vanilla gameplay in so many...
  6. dwa1275

    The Map

    So the new map has been up for just about 2 months, how does everyone like it so far, how do you feel about it. Please feel free to post any concerns you may have about the world, lag issues, terrain problems, how much you like or dislike, we would like the players input.
  7. dwa1275

    cool screenshots

  8. dwa1275


    Hello there boys and girls, just wanted to thank you all for your first month on the new server, and hope you all have enjoyed it this far. With the launch of the server reset we added something special to all the players of MMC. A way to win real life prizes. And with the reset our first prize...
  9. dwa1275

    mod request system

    Hello everyone, I know some of you try to use the mod request if you are have an issue. You may of noticed it doesn't work anymore, our requests system has changed, so now you use /ticket open (text) so now for any issue you may get in game, such as grief, and such, use the command when there...
  10. dwa1275

    bed spawn issues

    So there is somewhat of a bed spawn issue, to where people are properly placing there beds and sleeping, and when they die they go back to spawn, and not there bet, this issue is because of having blocks around the players bed, to resolve this issue, make sure you don't place blocks around your...
  11. dwa1275

    a fix to your problems

    For anyone that has had the issue where your items were missing from your enderchest, and your money was gone, I found a fix. 1. Load minecraft launcher, don't select play yet... 2. Click on edit profile. 3. Click on "enable experimental development versions (snapshots) 4. Click on the drop...
  12. dwa1275

    Round 2 (prize)

    So I held a contest last night, and one lucky winner walked away with a free movie of Total Recall. Now I'm gonna make this a little more interesting, your gonna have to be playing on my minecraft to win this prize, i will be posting a riddle to this forum in just a few hrs so keep an eye out...
  13. dwa1275

    Friday Night (prize)

    well its Friday night, and i thought i could help someone enjoy it. so sit down and relax with a free movie download from sony pictures. the code that i am going to provide is good for 1 user so you have to be quick. Movie: Total Recall this is what you will have to do to download, go to...
  14. dwa1275

    Test town

    Hello, everyone, I have created a town that I would like people to test, the is a s town, with options to by sell and work for zangas, I have a farm Set up that allows players to harvest the crops and sell them to the shop there, I want to know how other players view this, how they like it, so...
  15. dwa1275

    server lag

    I'm not sure how many people are having an issue with the server, but it's really bad on my end, even the site is giving me an issue loading. I've tested my connection, checks out, I've tested different servers, websites, but it's only rhizome one, I think there may be a problem. If anyone else...
  16. dwa1275

    Where's the mod

    I don't mean complain much, but when there is an issue that requires the action of a Mod and you ask for one either for a question about why mobs are not spawning for about 30 minutes, or you have a grief in the happening, where are they, I know there's not a mod at all times of day, but these...
  17. dwa1275

    a little angry

    The sign at the administration shop see that miners haste is 150 z, I placed it and began to mine, after a while I checked my balance and I was missing z's, so I placed another and once more missing z's, server charging me 1500 each time I place miners haste, so now I'm missing 2700 z's, I...
  18. dwa1275

    What if, donations

    So I have a question, what if and what would I get if I donated $1000 to MMC, I'm not just asking because I want to get someone excited about it, I am honestly thinking about it, now if I were to do something like this, I will not be now, but sometime in the future, I've played on this server...
  19. dwa1275

    cant connect

    i have bean trying to connect to the server and I get this massage, You are listed in spamhaus' XBL list. are you a proxy? you might have a virus. I have run my antivirus, everything fine here, whats going on