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  1. fffizzz

    General Thread to discuss new things in 1.14.x

    This thread will serve as a way to communicate about the changes we've put into the server for 1.14.x. This includes lower number of homes, removal of fly and other things not so obvious. What would you change? What do you like? What do you dislike?
  2. fffizzz

    The new BossBar Compass

    This is for discussions on the new compass and whether or not you like it? Does it belong on our server? It marks the server spawn, your last death point and your home/bed.
  3. fffizzz

    What do the stones at first login do?

    the ones on 1.14? no clue, default config from one of the plugins.
  4. fffizzz

    New mobs?

    thanks for feedback
  5. fffizzz

    New mobs?

    We had a bunch of real dangerous things in the overworld, but most got moved to the nether due to complaints. we could create some new dangers for sure though. One of the things I wanted to do was have a mob creation contest and the best ones that won could be named by the players.
  6. fffizzz

    1.14.x Spawn Discussion

    This thread is for discussion and coordination related to the new spawn on the new map. Currently, the favorite seed is live on the test server.
  7. fffizzz

    1.14 Is here! Are we ready?

    SkyBlock is not resetting or anything. My wife would kill me lol. Her skyblock is absurd!
  8. fffizzz

    Allowing PVP and stealing to a degree. (Read the post in full first).

    On the PVP thing, we had plans at one time to have large open pvp areas in the wild, but those never transpired. Most people on here don't seem to care for nor want PVP which is why its usually turned off except in some regions. I'm not against the stealing thing, but locks and rules are to...
  9. fffizzz

    Suggestions on Build Contest and anything else you guys wanna see changed/added/removed?!

    mcMMO is undergoing a major overhaul and I'm watching its progress. I already bought it so I'm definitely for adding it to the server.
  10. fffizzz

    Suggestions on Build Contest and anything else you guys wanna see changed/added/removed?!

    Hey guys, looking to start another build challenge. I'd like to do them more frequently. Unfortunately, I didn't see the success of Island Cabin with the Medieval challenge recently. I had a couple ideas, but this time I'm lookin to you all to help sway the decision more. What would you want to...
  11. fffizzz

    Did /fly get changed for donators?

    I see you donated for it. Not sure why it didnt set the permission, looking into that. In the mean time, I set manually. Should be fixed now.
  12. fffizzz

    Did /fly get changed for donators?

    Ive not made any changes, what's going on sir?
  13. fffizzz

    Item Selling now live

    I thought about simply using sell If you go to spawn, near the exit you will see the sell shrine. I used those blocks as contract so you can easily and clearly see the hologram item. Right click sign below to sell the items in your hand.
  14. fffizzz

    Yo we need a better way to pose armor stands

    I'll add it to creative soon.
  15. fffizzz

    Yo we need a better way to pose armor stands

    outside of spawn to the left. I'll build a shrine around it later.
  16. fffizzz

    Yo we need a better way to pose armor stands

    @adscomics in case you didn't get notification of my reply :D
  17. fffizzz

    Yo we need a better way to pose armor stands

    Brodio has been asking about this for a while I'll add it for tonights restart. Now help get more people in game. :D
  18. fffizzz

    New medieval themed build challenge is up!

    /warp buildc Pick a plot, you can built in one plot and you may overhang only to the stone brick border (ie: roof overhang). Place a sign to show its yours and get building. Prize: 10k first place, 5k second place. Ends next sunday, have fun!
  19. fffizzz

    Hello...? Anybody Home?

    I plan on implementing a way to sell the crap in your inventory soon. We can certainly do that for mobarena, great idea. You're not the first to want this, a good idea and I believe we may be able to do it now. I'll look in to scoreboards.
  20. fffizzz

    New legendary mobs appearing in the wild underground!

    New legendary creatures have started to pop up in the deep underground of the survival server. These range from orcs to wraiths and even other odd creatures! We need you to suit up and go hunt them down before they take over the entire overworld! Be cautious, reports indicate that some of these...