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    Grunkle Steven's Nether

    Find it for Technic or for MultiMC Mods Gameplay Autofish Automatically reels in and recasts your fishing rod when you catch a fish. Bee Info So when you're moving a nest, you can see if there's enough bees in it to start breeding at the destination, and on servers with an economy, sellers...
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    Regarding "Gentle's War" and "Grief"

    Posting this publicly due to the number of people involved and the clarification about hostile mobs. Other documents will be updated as possible. Ruling Any blocks destroyed immediately after Gentle's surrender may be rolled back or replaced. NO hostile mobs, named or not, shall be restored...
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    Worldguard 101

    I tried my hand at making a WorldGuard 101 tutorial... which is probably helpful, since I had to teach myself these things! I hope this helps y'all out! You can also find this and more at the tutorial page for WorldGuard!
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    We found a bug! Despawning Zombie Villagers!

    I detailed it on my blog over here, but the short form is that if a named villager is turned into a zombie, the named zombie villager will still despawn! Thanks to Gentle for finding this one!
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    The End of an End City

    As engineered by ADScomics! And with alternate music (until it gets taken down)
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    Less Annoying Pumpkin Hat!

    If you're not logged in, you can use this short url: or the full URL:
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    Less Annoying Pumpkin Hat!

    Courtesy of Grunkle.
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    VoxelMap in 1.15 - and keep your 1.14 Waypoints!

    Upgrading Voxelmap and Keeping Your Waypoints in #Minecraft VoxelMap in action I love minimaps in Minecraft. I get lost without a GPS in real life; it’s even worse in games. Especially big ones like Minecraft. So I’ve been using minimaps with waypoints since I first learned about them. The one...
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    Featured Texture Pack: Have A “Smartwatch” In Minecraft With Mi Mined

    Mi Mined is a pretty simple – and clever – texture pack to help make the clock even more useful in Minecraft (versions 1.13 through 1.15 as of writing this). It’s an addon texture pack that just changes the clock face so that it gives you even more information. It works in the hotbar and when...
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    1.15! And Modpacks!

    Fffizzz is putting the final tweaks on 1.15 on the server as I type this, but it definitely works ... and we have NOT reset the map. We are expanding the map (at least 500 blocks in radius) so there's room for new worldgen. Please keep in mind that bigger worlds and more stuff on the server...
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    Resource Packs To Improve Your Experience

    These are all add-ons, so they should work with most existing resource packs! Glass Doors does exactly what it says on the tin: It replaces the default doors with ones with glass in them. Jerm’s Better Leaves Add-on can be used with any texture/resource pack. It does a lot to make the...
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    Armor Stand Plugin (1)

    There are two armor stand plugins; this is a tutorial on the first.
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    Jobs Tutorial

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    Grunkle Steven's Technic Packs

    For those who are curious, I maintain some Technic packs for my everyday Minecraft experience. You are welcome to try these out as well! (Note: Because I use them, I keep them pretty darn up to date.) Grunkle Steven's Villagers is the more featureful experience, though I have made an effort...