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    Wither Event

    According to brick, it shouldn't destroy anything.
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    Wither Event

    As many of you may know, I recently built an arena. To celebrate it opening, I am hosting a wither killing event. In order to make it a challenge, the contestants will only battle with leather armor and stone swords. There will be beds there, because I anticipate people dying over and over...
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    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    I've thought about it, and while I do not have many ideas, i am on the server 5 hours + everyday, and along with events at my arena, X 200 Z 140, I can come up with weekly weekend events.
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    I was wondering if i put all of my stuff in a small build, if that could be transfered?
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    Im just making a simple 2x2 tunnel that may be bigger and with and added design, but it will be hard because in some places i reach bedrock, and others go right by lava pools. Illhave to think of ways to improve it.
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    I like your ideas, and just wanted to add that i am currently making a tunnel system from riverside to northpass. I have about 1k blocks left for so to go, and then I will try to tunnel to the other towns.