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    Faces of MyMinecraft

    @VasegaardOP How bout no lol :)
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    Essential signs Or Chestshop which do you prefer?

    I would have to go with chest shops, very easy to use.
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    Mods the good the bad and the amazingly fun in small doses

    i have to agree with foose,and zach as of right now it wouldn't be the smartest move for us. are supposed to stay as close to vanilla as we can right now. mabye we can think about change sometime later on but for now i think we should stick with vanilla.
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    Re-enabling Brewery!

    My saying on this it Should not be added back. The chat was getting to annoying, and yes i do know u can disable the chat for it. if that chat was disable there is really no point in drinking the pot then. other than walking side ways, and throwing up soul sand. People loved typing in chat...
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    The return

    Welcome Back man :D, I remember also, its great to have ya back
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    Spawners be gone

    It says Boosted Broke em.
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    Spawners be gone

    The spawners where broke. I'm guessing cause of the new map we have coming out soon.
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    The Map

    I think its okay I like the map,biomes, and all the quests and secrets around the towns and stuff so i think its a pretty cool map i like it. Most of the maps i play on all just have the reg biomes like plains and all that. But seeing some of the customs biomes are really cool, so i would say...
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    My new town: Super City

    Yeah swift Lets go man
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    My new town: Super City

    Super City FTW dont join moria :D
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    Lag/Skipping Problems.

    Okay thanks for the tip man ill try em out :)
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    Lag/Skipping Problems.

    Are you sure this always happens? ive really never had this problem before and on a boat i had no lag what so ever
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    Lag/Skipping Problems.

    Okay so for the past couple of weeks i have noticed something that bugs me a lot. When ever i am on a minecart, and a horse i tend to lag/skip i would be able to move fine for a couple of seconds then it would freeze on me then i would move 3-4 blocks ahead. Same goes with minecarts. At first i...
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    Server Lag

    Now it only takes about 5-7 seconds to load up everything insted of 20-30 seconds i have no idea what i did i just turned on my computer and it works now the only thing i changed was some settings and added a texture pack and it takes a lot less now to load which i like i can put with 5 seconds...
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    Server Lag

    Already tried that i have optifine and sadly i still have the same problem :/