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    1.14.x Spawn Discussion

    I will be sure to check out the seed today. Whats the IP for the test server? As for styles, I think medeviel and fantasy themes are the coolest and are well in my range of a abilities. I like the idea of a small but cool looking spawn, possibly with the ability to add on to it in the future...
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    Suggestions on Build Contest and anything else you guys wanna see changed/added/removed?!

    I love building competitions, so I always love to participate in them. I would always love to see them done more. Possibly more people would want to participate if it took place in creative maybe, but that’s not necessarily the case. I also think the prices could be better or even a...
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    Yo we need a better way to pose armor stands

    Awesome! I'm super excited. Will there also be a way of acquiring the book in creative in the future?