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    Thank you.

    My steam name is "boosted_fg2" and dwas is "dwa1275"
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    Content Creation Team - Seeking new members

    Helping is definitely a great feature but on the content creation team we need explosive ideas, awesome builds things that really catch peoples attention. Even going out to other servers to see what kinds of content they have and what ideas maybe we can use or redo in our own MMC kinda way...
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    Wither Event

    Last time a wither got loose it destroyed things but I think we have the world now protected from explosions. I will double check the worldguard to make sure its in place. Cool idea man i like it ;)
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    To say people don't like our server because of the gameplay we offer is not nonsense. Because we wouldn't be trying to improve our game play style if people really loved it. Which is why this thread is going to improve it. Most of our MMC user base plays here because their friends are here. But...
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    Vanilla is not dead far from it I would say.... Minecraft is vanilla. There are millions who enjoy just a standard vanilla survival server with a minimal plugins. What you mean to say is that its dead for you and others that have been playing for 3-5 years. Anyone still play the original Modern...
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    We have had 1 towny war since adding towny....1 No one here really pvps or has an interest to go attack others towns. You would have 5 people from each town fighting. To me towny war is 10v10 or better. THATS a war what you guys are talking about is a simple battle. Some would go for it but we...
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    Thats more personal preference. Forcing people to build in some fairy tale theme def wont work. Some are really into that kinda stuff but to me its more kiddish and fairy tale like. Like role playing and shit and I that would be to drastic of a move for MMC. I wouldn't be opposed to removing...
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    Feedback Time (again)!

    I personally think trying to start a new world and moving everyone's half build over from the old custom map maybe was not the best idea. I do love FDR's are about more mob spawning at night or even all together. The reason everyone is already burnt out on this map is simply because of all the...
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    Faces of MyMinecraft

    To say the least. Nice "selfie"
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    An inevitable end.

    Noooo! :( such a good player hate to see u go. Come back soon and best of luck
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    Earliest Memory of MMC?

    Lmfao!! #rektum
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    Mini-Me Statues

    Full scale for this guy. & the ones for spawn and the server I will allow you to do in game mode so u dont burn up ur survival gear. Ones at my house i will provide any materials i have, if not ill go out n get the items needed
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    Mini-Me Statues

    The actual skin files or like pics of the skin?
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    Mini-Me Statues

    I will pay u for this service ;) Would love to see the 3 admins standing out front spawn. You could build them else where and ill world edit them into places. Would give us a nice touch. Then after ur done with them. I want a boost and rancourt outside of my house.
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    The Maze

    U lost? No way? [emoji14]